• Jankee Parekh felt a lot of feelings as she left new child son Sufi at residence for a while, whereas she visited the dentist. See their first picture right here.

PUBLISHED ON MAR 03, 2021 03:59 PM IST

Jankee Parekh, the spouse of actor Nakuul Mehta, shared her first image with son Sufi. The couple welcomed the infant boy, their first youngster, final month.

In the accompanying Instagram publish, Jankee talked about leaving Sufi alone for a while, whereas she paid a go to to the dentist. She mentioned that regardless of timing every thing upfront, he awoke and commenced ‘crying incessantly’ whereas she was away. She felt a surge of feelings as she rushed residence after the appointment.

As quickly as Jankee reached residence and held Sufi, he stopped crying, however she broke down. Nakuul took the image of them after they had been reunited.

“1st of March was the first time I left Sufi home alone whist I went to the dentist for just literally 40 mins. I was prepping for it all day, timing everything in a way that I manage to feed him well and also manage to reach the doctors in time . But ofcourse nothing ever goes as planned when you really want it to,” she wrote.

“My cellphone rang five mins before I was about to finish at the dentist and was told that Sufi is awake and crying incessantly. The next ten mins from the time I left the dentist until the time I reached home, I felt a whole lot of emotions that I probably I haven’t felt for anyone else in the world,” she added.

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Jankee felt responsible about her dentist appointment and accountable as she was unable to assist as he cried. “He wanted more milk and I just wasn’t physically there. I wanted to run to him immediately and hold him close so that he stops crying. This was a picture taken by @nakuulmehta , just when I re-united with my son ( after merely 40 mins). The minute I held him close to me he stopped crying and I started,” she wrote.

“As a mother you always want to do your best, but then sometimes we fall short, but we never stop trying. Happy first month into this beautiful world, Sufi. @babysufim #firsttimemom #SufiandMaa,” she added.

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