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The rising actor just lately starred in KBS 2TV’s “River Where the Moon Rises,” and he was confirmed to star within the upcoming drama “The Jinx’s Lover” (literal title) by the identical director. He may also make a special appearance within the KBS 2TV’s drama “At a Distance Spring is Green,” and he’ll be taking a lead function within the film “Her Bucket List” (literal title).

In the interview that adopted, the interviewer complimented Na In Woo on his broad shoulders and tall top. Na In Woo shared, “Everyone I meet talks about my shoulders a lot. It’s actually not that wide. However, it must be a good thing [to be mentioned].” He added that he bumped his head typically and had unhealthy joints due to his tall top, saying he typically feels awkward due to his lengthy limbs.

On his casting for “River Where the Moon Rises,” Na In Woo revealed that he had obtained a name to go to the company at evening after filming for “Her bucket List.” He elaborated, “After going in, I talked with the CEO for about an hour, and as an actor, I also felt sorry that a project was in danger of being scrapped.” The subsequent day, I met with director Yoon Sang Ho of ‘River Where the Moon Rises.’ I did the recording for my voice, the becoming for my outfit at evening, and the following day, I instantly went into filming.”

Na In Woo additional defined that he had beforehand auditioned for a task in director Yoon Sang Ho’s undertaking. He shared, “Since my last project was a historical drama, I think he could easily imagine me wearing a hanbok (Korean traditional outfit).”

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On filming 20 episodes in 5 weeks, Na In Woo shared, “I often didn’t sleep. This was because there were 20 and up to 40 scenes I had to film in one day. I filmed for the drama starting in the morning, and as soon as it ended, I would film ‘Her Bucket List’ all night. In the morning, I would go to the drama set again. The saying that people get superhuman strength when they’re pushed to extreme situations is accurate. I gritted my teeth while thinking, ‘I have to do this no matter what,’ rather than, ‘I have to memorize the script.’ That’s why there were a lot of ad-libs.”

He continued, “The director allowed me to act freely. The scriptwriter also sent me a text reading, ‘Thank you for doing such a good job.’ Those things were a huge strength to me. When I think about it now, I think we did it by trusting in each other. I was also thankful to receive such a good opportunity.” Na In Woo revealed that though he had misplaced 7 to eight kilograms (roughly 15 to 18 kilos), he had just lately gained 4 kilograms (roughly 9 kilos) again.

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On his casting for “The Jinx’s Lover,” Na In Woo shared that he had grown near the director after working collectively in an excessive scenario. He shared, “The director was very considerate, and he lead us so that I could immerse myself 200 percent on set.”

As the primary actor to affix Cube Entertainment, Na In Woo shared, “Since I’ve already spent nine years at Cube, I’ve become one of the people who has been in the company the longest. I don’t know about anything else, but it’s comfortable because I don’t have to be wary since I’ve been here longer than most employees.”

Furthermore, the actor talked about how nervous he nonetheless is in entrance of the digital camera. He defined, “Since I’m doing this job even though I had a difficult time speaking in front of people since I was young, I feel as if I’ve managed to hold on well.” Na In Woo additionally shared that he was okay with listening and writing in English since he studied overseas in Canada from when he was 9 to 12 years previous.

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Na In Woo revealed that he’s open to selling as a singer if he is ever given the chance. However, he shared that he prefers ballads as a result of he couldn’t enhance at dancing. The actor additionally talked about his nice urge for food, revealing he may eat an entire pan of pizza with Coke by himself.

Finally, when requested what sort of actor he desires to be, Na In Woo replied, “An actor who resonates and conveys sincerity. If I want to do that, I have to act with determination.”

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