Munawar Faruqui lately admitted that he has struggled with suicidal ideas in his life, and opened up about how he managed to push away these ideas in moments of weak spot. He additionally revealed that he discovered himself in a troublesome state after he heard of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s dying, allegedly by suicide, and finds himself in the identical state at any time when he hears such information about anybody. Also Read| Munawar Faruqui says cheating in relationship is his biggest regret

When he participated within the actuality TV present Lock Upp earlier this yr, Munawar had shared with host Kangana Ranaut and others that his mom had taken her personal life in January of 2007 by ingesting acid. He had mentioned, “The doctors also told us that my mom had not had anything to eat for eight days. For 22 years of her married life, my mom was not happy. All my life, I saw her being beaten up or saw fights between my parents.”

In a current dialog with Siddharth Kannan, Munawar was requested if he has additionally struggled with suicidal ideas, and he replied with a sure. Asked how he pushed these ideas away, the humorist mentioned, “This body has been given by God. In Islam, many things are ‘haram’ (sin) because they harm your body, like tattoos, ciggarette. Ending that body’s existence is considered the biggest sin. And I really feel that about my mother, why did she do this? Such a smart woman, why did she do this knowing it’s a sin? It is said that weak people do this, but last 3-4 years I realised that only very strong people can do this.”

He added, “When I heard about Sushant Singh Rajput… 2-3 din tak haath kaanp rahe the (my hands were shaking for two-three days). Even today when I hear news like that, or end up joking about it myself, after a minute I just go back there. And I realise what it takes. When these thoughts started coming into my head, the first thing that stopped me was that God doesn’t allow it, and the second is you start seeing faces. When they hear the news what will be their first reaction? Ruk jaa, mat kar (stop, don’t do this).”

Munawar, who emerged because the winner of Lock Upp, lately launched a brand new track, Khawab, which he has written, composed, and sung. In the track, he speaks concerning the experiences of his life, together with the lack of his mom and his new-found fame. He additionally mentions his arrest in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, in July final yr, over an alleged joke about Hindu deities throughout considered one of his exhibits.

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