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Telling a narrative within the realm of the MCU, with its gargantuan scope and equally front-and-center place within the public’s highlight, appears to be a process most daunting. Not solely is plotting a narrative with unburdened creativity troublesome sufficient, however the MCU has the added problem of constructing positive it flows with the overarching narrative of the entire universe, in addition to following pre-established guidelines resembling the character of time journey or how Doctor Strange’s magic works.

Even Ms. Marvel, an instance of an MCU property that stands spectacularly by itself with out a lot connectivity, had a myriad of nuances to put in writing round. But Fatimah Asghar, considered one of Ms. Marvel‘s writers, welcomed the challenge.

In an interview with The Direct, Asghar pointed out that the task of keeping up with the MCU’s continuity is countered by the big collaborative course of that goes into making an MCU title.

“I think the MCU is very good at tracking all their rules… You’re working on [and in] your own show, but there are other shows that are going on, and you’re working with the executives, and you’re working with, you know, the showrunner like Bisha [who] is working directly with [Marvel Studios President] Kevin [Feige] and all of that… They’re very into the depths, and nuances, and the details of what’s going on, which I think is just a real testament to how… they can kind of keep track of all of that, because it’s so much… I will say that the MCU is very good at knowing their properties.”

Ms. Marvel is at present obtainable to stream on Disney Plus.

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