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In Disney Plus’ latest MCU sequence, Ms. Marvel, hero Kamala Khan’s powers differ considerably in nature and radically in origin from her comedian guide supply character. While the comics painting Khan as receiving her powers as a consequence of publicity to the mutating Terrigen Mist utilized by The Inhumans, Kamal’s onscreen powers are the present of an artifact. Specifically, her grandmother’s bangle that Kamal makes use of as a part of her costume. But did that artifact come from the identical place as one other weapon lately seen onscreen?

Khan’s bracelet bears a passing resemblance to the Ten Rings utilized by the daddy of Shang-Chi in Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. There is an opportunity that they could even be product of the identical substance that Bruce Banner couldn’t establish within the film’s publish credit scene. This implies that each the rings and the bracelet each originate from the identical tradition. Which is more likely to be both alien, or historic (or extra doubtless each).

If the 2 objects share a typical heritage, it might clarify why Kamala’s mom, grandmother, or great-grandmother weren’t making headlines as heroes in their very own occasions — it was said that the rings can solely be utilized by a worthy grasp. This means Kamala could also be simply the suitable particular person the bangle was ready for.

So what’s the origin? Fans have been theorizing that it might be a race we’ve already encountered within the MCU. The Ms. Marvel comedian backstory is rife with references to The Inhumans and their progenitors, the alien Kree. It could also be that the rings and the bangle are merely left-over tech from a long-ago alien expedition to earth. For that matter, it might be that each originate from the Celestials – which will surely clarify their skill to control vitality.

Fans can see if the most recent episode of Ms. Marvel offers any solutions when it premieres tomorrow on Disney Plus.

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