After the primary episode did a lot of the place-setting to introduce the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s newest superhero and people round him, yesterday’s second installment of Moon Knight doubled down on the world-building.

We received some vital backstory for each Steven Grant and Marc Spector, a proof as to how Arthur Harrow matches into issues, and the connection the hero and villain each share with Egyptian deity Khonshu. All in all, it was a stellar sophomore outing for Oscar Isaac’s protagonist, even when the battle for his psyche continues to rage within the background.

Mohamed Diab helmed the opener, but it was freshly-minted Loki season 2 directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead who took the reins on the second. In an interview with ComicBookMovie, the filmmaking duo broke down and defined the waking nightmare Steven now finds himself in after embracing Marc as a part of his character.

“The reason we focus so much on Steven in the first few episodes is that he is our fish out of water, audience surrogate, in a way. Of course, he has no idea what’s going on, and what’s happening to him is a nightmare. It could seem like the coolest thing in the world, you wake up, and suddenly you’re a superhero.

I mean, that’s the wish-fulfillment that Marvel’s been delivering on since they started, but what the two of us and Mohamed really wanted to do was actually treat both the condition that he has, but also just the idea of the absolute horror of people trying to kill you and having a life that you can’t hold together. No matter how hard you try, to treat that is actually a waking nightmare and, so we felt a lot of empathy for him, and he’s the person who’s so vulnerable and the human vulnerability of Steven was something that was very easy to penetrate, you feel it almost immediately for him.

Whereas, if you start with Marc Spector, especially with the comic from the comic books, he’s somebody who’s so gruff on the outside, he’s so hardened, so emotionally unavailable, his vulnerability takes a little bit longer to get to. So, you find the vulnerability by exposing it through this brotherly relationship he has with Steven.”

Regardless of whether or not it’s Steven, Marc, or every other of the personalities we may very well be set to satisfy over the subsequent 4 weeks, Moon Knight is nicely on his method to turning into some of the fascinatingly difficult and complicated protagonists we’ve ever seen within the MCU, and we will’t wait to see what occurs subsequent.

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