Money Heist season 5 half one ended on a cliffhanger. But aren’t we used to this Spanish drama leaving us hanging on an emotional observe? Berlin’s dying, Lisbon’s faux encounter, Nairobi getting killed and Alicia Sierra getting maintain of The Professor, all of those adopted the identical sample previously, leaving followers counting days until the release of its subsequent set of episodes.

Money Heist finale isn’t unfolding as one deliberate, not less than not when it comes to character graphs. While new faces have joined, promising to alter the continuing plot, what’s already taking place has debuned all fashionable fan theories. Yes, we even noticed one other dying, this time a daring one from the writers’ finish.

If you’re nonetheless reeling from its repercussions, we take you a little bit deeper into what occurred on the finish of episode 5 of Money Heist’s finale season.


The new season started with a hostage ambush lead by Arturo, who went berserk in his try and kill Denver. As a outcome, Stockholm shot him, solely to reside with guilt for the remaining a part of the season. She hallucinated about seeing Arturo’s ghost and received anxiousness assaults. So a lot so, that she needed to take  a morphine injection.

And as Stockholm lay unconscious, her gang fought the infiltrating military lead by Sagasta and his group of troopers, together with Gandia, who had blood of their eyes.

Sagasta blasts the terrace and lands contained in the constructing, solely to search out the gang ready with tear gasoline bombs and grenades. Thus begins the warfare. While Helsinki has virtually misplaced his one leg, the group has received separated. An iron wall has locked Palermo, Lisbon, Bogota and Rio on one facet of the museum, and Tokyo, Denver and Manila on the opposite facet of the pantry. While Palermo’s facet is making an attempt to chop the wall, Tokyo’s facet is combating towards Sagasta.

It wasn’t lengthy sufficient after we received a way that one of many three – Tokyo, Denver and Manila would get hit by steady bullets raining from all corners, together with the snipers exterior the financial institution.

Tokyo will get unbelievable moments. She infuriates Gandia as per The Professor’s directions to create a rift throughout the military. She even catches a grenade and throws it again on the attacking facet, giving viewers a second value applause. Tokyo’s sharp thoughts additionally comes into play when she shoots on the military males making an attempt to drill by means of the wall to enter the pantry. In brief, Tokyo was single-handedly defending her fort, with Denver and Manila largely giving her a canopy. Not lengthy sufficient after that she will get shot.

Fans are calling Tokyo’s dying as essentially the most sudden twist of Money Heist. (Photo: Screengrab/Netflix)

And simply when the trio thought there wasn’t any escape, Stockholm regains consciousness and calls out to her fellow group members from a service raise shaft that they will escape from this facet of the pantry. Tokyo is badly injured by now and unable to slip by means of the rope. She instructs Denver and Manila to flee and lay pillows and mattresses on the floor of the shaft and he or she’ll leap.

Somewhere inside, all of them and the viewers know that Tokyo received’t make it. Denver bids her a tearful goodbye with coronary heart wrenching phrases, “My dad died in a heist. I won’t let my sister die.” He nonetheless abides by Tokyo’s request and leaves with Manila.

Tokyo is sort of a bullet on the free. All she desires is to kill whoever is available in her means, whereas offering a canopy to her group as they escape. The Professor is listening to all of it. She tells him, “You’ve been my guardian angel all my life. Now’s my turn to be yours.” Rio, who’s drilling from the ground under, isn’t in a position to attain Tokyo. He simply manages to see her face from the opening as his woman love makes him promise that he’ll reside a life king measurement, even when with out her.

More military bullets hit her as she falls. But simply when Gandia comes close to her with the ultimate shot, he realises she’s taken off the keys of all of the grenades she’s carrying. Before Gandia is ready to escape, Tokyo winks at him and her gang members all throughout the financial institution hear the blast and hail Tokyo’s sacrifice. She took down Gandia and a few extra of Sagasta’s males, together with her. The Professor is inconsolable on the stormwater tank.

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