In season 2 of Modern Family, the Delgado-Pritchetts undertake Stella and adapt to a brand new lifetime of being pet homeowners. Jay is initially towards the concept of proudly owning a pet however after elevating Stella for a number of weeks, he realizes how a lot he adores her. Jay and Gloria modified their views on Stella virtually in a single day, with Jay fawning over her and Gloria regretting taking her in.

Jay shortly began treating Stella like a prized possession, whereas Gloria watched in jealousy. He oftentimes handled Stella nicer than he handled his spouse. The irony of all of it turned a long-running gag on the ABC sitcom as followers fell in love with the connection between Jay and “Stella Bella.”


Updated on July twenty first, 2022, by Lynn Gibbs: Jay Pritchett and Stella had been the duo nobody noticed approaching Modern Family. As a lot as Jay cherished his spouse Gloria, there was one thing about Stella that lifted Jay’s spirits. Jay was usually seen as a cranky character — somebody who was always bothered by the noise and drama in his life. But as quickly as Stella got here into his life, all of his worries light. There had been a handful of scenes that proved Jay cherished Stella greater than Gloria. All the whereas, Gloria needed to settle for that her husband had an unmatchable bond with their household canine. 

When He Dreamt Of Stella In His Sleep

jay dreaming of stella in modern family

With a lady as beautiful as Gloria, one may solely assume that she could be the one lady Jay would dream of. But in a single episode, Gloria is woken in the midst of the evening by Jay groaning and saying “baby” in his sleep. Gloria instantly suspects he is dreaming of one other lady and offers him the chilly shoulder. To Gloria, this was the worst factor Jay may do to her.

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When they lastly discuss it, Jay tells Gloria he was screaming “baby” as a result of he was having a nightmare about their son Joe. Later when Jay spoke to the cameras, he admitted he wasn’t dreaming of Joe or Gloria — he was dreaming of his canine Stella.

When He Offered Stella A Towel (But Not His Wife)

Three split images of Jay and Stella and Gloria in the pool from Modern Family

In the episode ‘Little Bo Bleep,’ Jay is worried when Stella retains leaping into the pool with out figuring out easy methods to swim. He assumes she’s suicidal and jumps into the pool to save lots of her each time she dives in.

Gloria is not a fan of Stella however when she hears Stella fall into the pool, Gloria does the fitting factor and jumps in to save lots of her. When they emerge, Jay shortly wraps a towel round Stella as a substitute of warming up—and thanking—his drenched spouse. As perfect as Jay and Gloria’s relationship was, this was a low second for the pair due to his dedication to Stella over Gloria.

He Chose Stella Over Joe’s Rash

jay kissing stella goodbye - modern family

In the episode ‘Rash Decisions,’ Gloria and Jay are perplexed when Joe will get a rash throughout his physique. After working by doable causes, Gloria is satisfied Joe is allergic to Stella. Jay refuses to eliminate the canine, which angers his spouse as a result of he’s selecting a canine over his youngster.

However, Jay sadly comes round to it and offers Stella to Mitchell and Cam. Just a few days later, Joe nonetheless has the rash and seems to be allergic to Gloria’s new lotion. One of the extra shameless issues Jay does was as quickly as he was within the clear, he left Gloria and his son behind and introduced Stella house.

He Hates When Gloria Snores But Loves It When Stella Does

When Gloria was pregnant with Joe, Jay was dropping sleep due to Gloria’s loud night breathing. He even tried sleeping in a lodge one evening simply to cover from her. But in an earlier episode, Jay wakes as much as the sound of loud night breathing in mattress and it turned out to be Stella.

Gloria was aggravated by the noises however Jay adored them. He assumed Stella was afraid in the midst of the evening and snuck into mattress to curve up with them. Gloria reminded Jay that they’d a “no dogs in the bed” rule however Jay ignored her. Gloria’s loud night breathing introduced out the curmudgeon out in Jay however Stellas made him completely happy.

He Sneaks Away From Gloria To Enter Stella In A Dog Show

sleeper - modern family - jay walking stella in the dog show

In the episode ‘Sleeper,’ Jay is nervous about getting into Stella in a neighborhood canine present. He lied to Gloria and advised her he was getting his tires rotated however truly, he was shopping for Stella an ornamental present collar. The biggest mistake Jay made here was mendacity to Gloria as a substitute of telling her how a lot he needed Stella to win an award.

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As the day went on, it turned tougher for him to do the canine present with out Gloria figuring out, so Mitchell satisfied him to do it anyway. By the tip of the episode, Jay was seen exhibiting Stella off whereas the household cheered on.

Jay Greets Stella First

Jay and Gloria have a relationship stuffed with arguing however they would not change it for the world. Speaking loudly was their type of communication. When Jay labored, he would come house and be greeted by a loving Gloria no matter how they had been doing.

The two would discuss their days, issues, and what they’ve deliberate for the night. But as soon as Jay shaped a bond with Stella, it was Stella greeting Jay by the door — not Gloria. Jay hilariously advised Gloria he would greet her first too if she wagged her tail when he got here house.

“S” Is For Stella

In the episode ‘Valentine’s Day 4: Twisted Sister,’ Jay and Gloria had a romantic night deliberate for Valentine’s Day. But when Gloria’s sister Sonia exhibits up unexpectedly, their plans modified. Some fans forgot about Gloria’s youthful sister however after this episode, it was not possible to neglect who Sonia was due to her evil actions.

Since Jay did not must splash Gloria with fancy items, he went to the jewellery retailer and purchased Stella a chained collar with a bedazzled “S” on it. Manny judged Jay for getting Stella a Valentine’s Day present nevertheless it sums up their relationship in a nutshell. What’s worse was Jay wound up giving Sonia Stella’s collar since each names began with an “S.”

He Even Showers With Stella!

A split image of Gloria upset at Stella for eating her shoe on Modern Family

The nearer Jay and Stella turned, the extra hostile Gloria turns into with the canine. In one scene, Gloria is livid that Stella is chewing on her costly footwear. While Jay is showering, she barges in and warns Jay that he has to coach Stella higher as a result of all of her footwear are ruined.

Instead of taking Gloria’s issues critically, Jay tells Gloria to wash up her footwear so Stella would not eat them. As clever as he was, it didn’t make sense that Jay would select Stella over his spouse in instances like this. However, it is then that she notices that Stella can be within the bathe with Jay. The two are so linked, they had been bathing with one another.

Stella Was His Muse For His New Company

jay holding stella in modern family

Jay has one of his better father/daughter moments when he palms his firm over to Claire. With time on his palms, he enjoys retirement for so long as he can earlier than he turns into bored. He finally begins dabbling in numerous tasks earlier than creating a brand new enterprise enterprise: Dog Beds by Stella.

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With Manny’s assist, Jay begins creating numerous canine beds for all breeds. Stella, after all, is the inspiration and muse of the corporate, a lot to Gloria’s chagrin. Instead of spending his free time with Gloria, he spent it on his canine mattress designs.

Jay Feeds Stella Gloria’s Colombian Meals

jay feeding stella - modern family

In the episode ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It,’ Jay admits that he provides Stella human meals once in a while. His obsession along with his canine made Jay one of many higher Modern Family characters. Whenever Gloria makes one thing he would not take pleasure in, he quietly feeds it to the canine. Jay advised the cameras he lied to Gloria after they first began relationship and mentioned he cherished this one particular Colombian dish, and now he can simply slide it to Stella.

It took Gloria three days to make this particular meal however she did it as a result of she thought Jay cherished it. As it seems, he hates it and secretly feeds it to Stella with out Gloria noticing. Instead of being sincere along with his spouse, he’d somewhat feed his pet the meals she labored so exhausting on.

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