They should obtain an “investment.”

Mnet is gearing up for the release of their latest survival program, Artistock Game. Premiering on October 3, Artistock Game depends on a brand new idea the place singers change into “stocks,” and so they can solely seem on stage in the event that they obtain an “investment” from the viewers.

Viewers from around the globe will obtain digital recreation cash that they will then use to spend money on the skills of the collaborating idols. Only these with the best worth will probably be allowed to carry out on stage.

The idea is just like well-liked mild novel and manhwa Debut Or Die, which follows the lifetime of a person who, at the price of his life, joins a survival program that additionally treats contestants like shares.

“Debut Or Die” manhwa poster

A complete of 48 female and male contestants will compete towards one another to obtain the prospect to debut once more.

| Mnet

Out of the handfuls of singers, a number of names could ring a bell, like former B.A.P. member Zelo

| Mnet

Lovelyz Kei

| Mnet

Weki Meki‘s Ji Suyeon

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…and soloist Anda.

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After news of the survival program was released, netizens began criticizing it for being “dehumanizing,” with many claiming that the contestants are being objectified. Others have asked, “Where are our human rights heading towards?” and “Do they have a survival fetish?

Additionally, one of the show’s taglines as seen of their teaser is, “Now on sale,” furthering the narrative that the contestants are being handled like commodities.

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Meanwhile, watch the preview for Episode 1 beneath.

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