After her Bollywood debut with Jimmy, actor Vivana Singh has been a part of quite a few TV exhibits together with Mahabharat, Police Factory, Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Ye, Kumkum Bhagya and lots of others. She feels proscribing oneself when it comes to mediums and characters does no good to any performer.

“My USP is being affirmative and of course my faith in the almighty. I gracefully accept life as it comes. After my debut when films didn’t work for me, I shifted to TV and since then things have been smooth. I am not an artiste, who sets boundaries and restricts oneself with mediums or roles for that matter. Staying easy and positive has seen me through. Else playing characters older than my age with such composure wouldn’t have happened at all. For me work is a priority, rest can follow,” mentioned Desi Romeos actor.

Born in Moradabad with roots in Amroha, UP, Vivana misses the times she spent along with her grandparents. “I studied in a boarding school in Mussoorie, and all my vacations were about visiting my grandparents and spending time with them in our ancestral house in Amroha. I would love to live those days once again. After retirement, my father, who was a cop, decided to settle in Amroha, so I do visit my family frequently and try enjoying my time with them to the fullest.”

Giving her tackle the current scenario, she asserted, “Of and on things go on a standstill due to pandemic; also, all those who have restarted work, it’s not in the same way as it was supposed to be. No theatrical release during this period has been a setback for the industry, but then the pandemic has not just solely affected us. I think our struggle is much less from those who lost work and have been pushed up against the wall. Mental issues too are on the rise and that should be a concern for all. It’s heartbreaking to see so much grief around.”

Vivana made her debut on OTT with the collection Faceless and Srikant Bashir, “I was extremely happy with kind of roles that have come my way. Be it negative or positive, I have got full scope to perform. Currently, I am playing the role of Maharani Rajeshwari in the TV show Apna Time Bhi Aayega and loving the character. It does get tough to take up characters that have been played by someone else before you but then I love to explore and take up all the challenges coming my way.”

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