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Bruce Banner followers received a beneficiant serving to of Mark Ruffalo because the Incredible Hulk within the first episode of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law whereas he helped Jen stand up to hurry along with her new powers. However Banner promptly departs from the sequence in the midst of episode two, and is final seen blasting off into hyperspace aboard a ship. 

So the place precisely is Bruce off to? A Reddit thread kicked off to debate the speculation, writer u/wo100r began the dialog with this fascinating take. 

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This concept suggests the massive dangerous wolf Banner goes toe to toe with on Asgard throughout the occasions of Thor: Ragnarok has acquired the powers of a Hulk after coming into contact with Banner’s blood in a similar way to how Jen gained her powers. The beast fell from Asgard throughout the movie, and is now rampaging by means of Sakaar.

However, this concept shortly has a number of holes poked in it. 

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Granted, Fenris isn’t any atypical being and it wouldn’t be overly far fetched to think about that the beast can metabolize gamma radiation, however regardless, an alternate concept popped up which alludes to a possible setup for Planet Hulk. The location of Sakaar stays the identical, the rationale for his go to differs.

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We know that point strikes fairly in a different way on Sakaar, contemplating throughout Thor: Ragnarok Loki solely arrives within the metropolis solely moments earlier than Thor, but Loki manages to determine himself on the proper hand of the Grandmaster, weeks earlier than Thor arrives on the scene. 

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With this time dilation in thoughts, it’s in all probability secure to presume that Banner was on Sakaar in Hulk kind for an excellent few years, maybe an everyday human lifetime. That’s a very long time off display screen, and it’s value contemplating Banner conceived Skaar in that point interval, therefore the setup for Planet Hulk and World War Hulk past that.

While Bruce has run off to who-knows-where in deep area, followers again on earth proceed to eagerly await the arrival of Daredevil in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, which remains to be dropping new episodes weekly on Disney Plus each Thursday. 

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