One of the latest installments within the MCU, I am Groot, simply goes to point out how profitable animated tales may be. Though the sequence of tales are naturally quick, they’re completely pleasant and are one thing fairly recent inside the franchise. It additionally marks an vital step within the MCU’s evolution as extra animated sequence are within the works.

Along with the second season of What If…?, there are Marvel Zombies and Spider-Man: Freshman Year to stay up for – although it was just lately revealed that the latter is solely MCU-adjacent moderately than a part of the primary continuity as initially pitched. Honestly, it wouldn’t be stunning to be taught of much more animated exhibits in growth because it’s a medium that constantly works effectively for these sorts of tales. If that’s the case, then these characters and groups could be good matches for such tasks.

Howard The Duck

One of the most effective choices for a solo animated sequence is perhaps Howard the Duck. After cameos within the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, he was featured periodically all through What If…? and that is perhaps the most effective place for him. He is a wierd character, but when they will make a cranky raccoon a fan favourite, certainly that may do the identical for a sarcastic duck.

Whether a full-length present or a sequence of shorts like I’m Groot, a undertaking for Howard the Duck would permit for some enjoyable commentary and satire in regards to the MCU itself and will incorporate all types of ridiculous aspect characters. Plus, Seth Green would be capable to proceed his good work as Howard’s voice too.

Squirrel Girl

Another weird and underrated Marvel character good for an animated sequence is Squirrel Girl. She was really intentioned to affix the MCU some time again within the ill-fated New Warriors live-action present, performed by Milana Vayntrub – however that clearly by no means went wherever and contemplating the time it was anticipated to reach, it probably would not have linked to the franchise the way in which the Disney+ sequence have.

An animated sequence is perhaps a good way to acclimate informal and unaware audiences to Squirrel Girl earlier than bringing her into live-action. There are loads of storylines to adapt from the comics, and it might star Vayntrub once more since she continues to voice the character in different tasks, such because the Marvel Rising sequence of quick movies.

Pet Avengers

While DC League of Super-Pets establishes a franchise in theaters, Marvel can introduce their very own staff of Super-Pets, the Pet Avengers in an animated sequence on Disney+. This would probably require the introduction of popular animals like Lockjaw, Lockheed, Zabu, and Redwing. Thankfully, although, it might additionally incorporate characters not on the staff within the comics like Goose, Toothgnasher, Toothgrinder, and Cosmo the Spacedog.

They’d even be an excellent match for an I’m Groot sequence of shorts, however it could positively be worthwhile to expertise a fleshed-out story. Their comics origin is linked with the Infinity Stones, so because the MCU has largely moved on from them, maybe a Pet Avengers sequence would entail some multiversal adventures.

Strange Academy

This 12 months’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ended with America Chavez turning into a scholar at Kamar-Taj, studying to hone her magical skills. This might seamlessly arrange an animated sequence adapting the Strange Academy comics run from only some years in the past. Essentially Doctor Strange establishes a proper college to show younger magical beings. At this level within the MCU, nevertheless, it could probably be Sorcerer Supreme Wong heading up the academy.

This might incorporate characters like Dormammu’s son, Doyle, and/or Nico Minoru from Runaways as college students alongside America. It’s not solely a enjoyable excuse for extra Wong, but it surely might add some extra recent, juvenile power to the MCU and permit for some inventive exploration of magic and the supernatural.


Although the MCU has achieved unimaginable feats in elevating B or C-List heroes, there are still some characters deemed too weird or complicated for live-action. One such character is Gwenpool, the unusual amalgam of Deadpool and Gwen Stacy, first created in 2015. Deadpool is loveably irreverent and unconventional, however Gwenpool takes up a notch, which is why animation is perhaps the place she excels.

Like Howard the Duck, a Gwenpool present might satirize the MCU from inside and have her staff up and/or battle practically anybody. She’d be capable to break the fourth wall – although She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is thrashing her to the punch in that regard – and being on Disney+ might really result in some sudden crossovers.

Power Pack

The accessibility of tv has allowed audiences of all ages to have interaction in MCU content material regularly, although it is perhaps time for a present to be particularly geared in direction of youngsters. The good group for such a sequence is certainly Power Pack. They are a staff of 4 younger siblings – Alex, Julie, Jack, and Katie – who’re granted powers by a dying alien.

Importantly, a Power Pack present nonetheless wouldn’t shrink back from mature matters and will additionally contain another younger heroes like Moon Girl, the Young Avengers, and/or Franklin and Valeria Richards. Part of the enchantment is that it wouldn’t must be a consequential sequence, but it surely might develop the Powers youngsters sufficient for them to reach in live-action.

Machine Man

Animated exhibits are nice for characters whose designs and powersets is perhaps too complicated or difficult for the live-action aspect of issues. That’s the case for Aaron Stack aka Machine Man. He is an android like Ultron and Vision, however he operates extra like Inspector Gadget, remodeling into all types of weaponry and equipment – one thing that may translate simpler in full animation.

Despite being round since 1977, he’s nonetheless a reasonably obscure hero, however one of these present might assist him develop in recognition and recognition. This might additionally permit for different robotic characters starting from Life Model Decoys to Jocasta and even Ultron once more to function too.


There’s hope with Spider-Man: Freshman Year that extra Spider-Man-related content material will be capable to occur within the MCU regardless of the contract complication with Sony. Of the various worthy characters from that sector who might do effectively with an animated sequence is Hobie Brown aka Spider-Punk. There are some enjoyable Spider-Man variants, however he’s one thing particular – which is why he could be featured in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

Spider-Punk could be one more character who might do effectively with both a full present or a sequence of shorts. What would set it aside is the music as that must be an vital stylistic component. It’ll be attention-grabbing to see if this ever involves fruition.


An different character that may incorporate music in an impactful means is Dazzler. Her powers actually permit her to rework sound and music into highly effective blasts of sunshine and power, which might make for some very attention-grabbing animation. As a mutant, she is a part of the X-Men and her introduction is contingent on theirs.

When they do lastly make their means into the MCU, hopefully then Dazzler can take heart stage. More probably, although, at the moment is that Dazzler would play a extra important position in X-Men ’97, the continuation of X-Men: The Animated Series arriving on Disney+ in Fall 2023.

Marvel Apes

Another ridiculous sequence that would comply with the Marvel Zombies trajectory is Marvel Apes. As the title implies, on this universe everyone seems to be a primate and the premiere superhero staff is the Ape-Vengers. Like Marvel Zombies it could be finest to check out a present like this in a single episode format in What If…?, but it surely unusually may need what it takes to be a present value watching.

The present might transcend what was achieved within the comics and incorporate the characters make widespread since its publication like Ms. Marvel or Ironheart. Additionally, it may very well be a solution to have Hit-Monkey function within the MCU and/or result in a crossover between Marvel Apes and Marvel Zombies like within the comics.

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