Max’s obvious destiny on the finish of Stranger Things season 4 was fairly grim, however this principle suggests her scenario is definitely a lot worse.

While Max is technically alive after Stranger Things season 4, there’s an opportunity her true scenario could also be a destiny worse than loss of life. Played by Sadie Sink, who additionally starred in Netflix’s well-liked Fear Street film trilogy, Max grew to become a fan favourite pretty shortly following her introduction in Stranger Things season 2. Max gained viewers over together with her sharp wit, robust and resilient nature, and willingness to place her life on the road alongside her associates.

After watching her brother Billy die on the finish of Stranger Things season 3 although, season 4 noticed Max behave in another way, spending most of her time in a depressed and brooding state. Max partially blamed herself for Billy’s loss of life at the hands of The Mind Flayer, believing for some cause that she may have finished one thing to assist him. In actuality, with out Billy’s intervention, it’s seemingly Max would have been killed—however grieving is normally not a course of that operates on logic.


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By the tip of Stranger Things season 4, Max’s trusty Kate Bush track didn’t win the day, and he or she wound up being killed by Vecna as the ultimate sacrifice he supposed to make use of to open an enormous rift to The Upside Down. While Max did briefly die, Eleven used her powers to someway resurrect Max—however with a catch. The resurrected Max stays in a coma; one which El seemingly can’t wake her from. Things appear grim, however there may be nonetheless hope Stranger Things season 5 will rescue Max and no less than partially restore her to pre-Vecna situation. The catch is that truly doing that may seemingly contain enjoying a harmful recreation with One himself.

What Happened To Max In Stranger Things Season 4

Sadie Sink in Stranger Things season 4 finale

Vecna’s first few victims throughout Stranger Things season 4 are characters the viewers is simply assembly, and thus doesn’t have a lot invested in. That all modifications when Max begins seeing Vecna’s grandfather clock hallucination, adopted by glimpses of Billy that present him blaming her for his loss of life. Her guilt permits Vecna a doorway into Max’s thoughts on which to grab. She is ready to stave him off for a very long time with the usage of her favourite track, “Running Up That Hill”, the Stranger Things season 4 hit by Kate Bush, however is ultimately compelled to desert that tactic.

Unfortunately, for the group’s unlikely plan to take out Vecna to work, Max wants to supply herself up as bait—which after all goes horribly, horribly mistaken. Max rises into the sky, her limbs start to snap, and he or she goes blind. Max briefly dies and the portal begins to open to The Upside Down, however Eleven throws a monkey wrench in Vecna’s plan by bringing Max again to life. Once she reaches the hospital, El enters Max’s thoughts clearly hoping she is going to be capable of discover and retrieve her. Instead, she is met with a black void, one which presents a terrifying implication.

Why Max Isn’t There When Eleven Enters Her Mind

Eleven in Max's California memory, Stranger Things season 4, volume 2

Max not being current in her personal thoughts when Eleven enters could possibly be thought-about a illustration of her being mind lifeless after her ordeal, however there may be one other altogether extra upsetting implication to contemplate. As a lot as Stranger Things deals with the supernatural, the idea of faith or the afterlife shouldn’t be one thing it has actually broached. However, if Max does certainly have a soul, for lack of a greater time period, it could have left her physique when she died. Whether it is her soul, life essence, thoughts, consciousness—nevertheless Stranger Things needs to depict the idea, it’s seemingly beneath the thumb of Vecna, aka Henry Creel.

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When Dr. Brenner insists to El that she shouldn’t be able to combat Vecna he tells her that One doesn’t simply kill folks, he consumes them. He takes all the pieces from his victims. In this case, the “everything” Vecna took was what makes Max the particular person her associates know and love. The second she died, Max’s essence left her physique and have become the property of Vecna, explaining why Max shouldn’t be there to greet Eleven inside her personal thoughts. Sadly, Max could possibly be trapped in a state arguably worse than loss of life, because it’s unlikely that Vecna/One/Henry is making her keep a pleasing one.

How Eleven Could Save Max From Vecna In Stranger Things 5

Stranger Things Eleven and Vecna

If this specific Stranger Things season 4 principle pans out, Max is trapped inside Vecna someway. The physics of which might be laborious to ponder, however clearly, something can occur within the city of Hawkins, Indiana. What issues is that Max is in hassle, and he or she must be rescued throughout Stranger Things season 5. The just one suited to the job is once more Eleven, her powers hopefully honed additional throughout no matter time soar interval has been teased by the Duffer Brothers. El might want to enter essentially the most twisted thoughts of all and discover by way of it till she is ready to find Max and convey her again throughout the psychological airplane to her personal physique.

Stranger Things’ former Henry Creel will after all not make that a straightforward activity, and will definitely attempt to declare Eleven for himself whereas she is visiting. It may take convincing to get by way of to Max, as no matter time she has spent in Vecna’s clutches could have rendered her a bit mad. If Eleven does achieve bringing again Max to her physique throughout Stranger Things season 5 although, there may be nonetheless the query of her bodily state. While damaged limbs can heal, Max’s blindness will seemingly require a treatment of the supernatural type, supplied there’s a treatment in any respect. After spending time in a coma, Max may even seemingly must bear months of bodily rehab to get again to regular, if she ever really can. Still, it beats being Vecna’s prisoner any longer than crucial.

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