Marvel’s British Spider-Man, Spider-UK, has a secret nod to a well-known eccentric Time Lord that solely diehard followers will catch.

Warning: incorporates spoilers for Edge of Spider-Verse #2!

Marvel’s latest Spider-Man has quite a lot of secret ties to a sure time-traveling Time Lord from the Doctor Who franchise – and solely probably the most diehard of followers would catch the connection between the 2. Both Spider-Man and Doctor Who are long-running franchises that started almost one 12 months aside (Spider-Man in 1962 and Doctor Who in 1963) and have solely elevated in recognition ever since. Now the franchises are joined in Edge of Spider-Verse #2 within the type of an all-new Spider-Man: Spider-UK.


The Spider-Verse as an idea is a small subset of the Marvel Multiverse wherein the numerous heroes with Spider-powers group up with (or battle in opposition to) each other. The preliminary Spider-Verse crossover in 2014 was profitable sufficient to spawn completely different sequence centered round completely different Spider-People. Certain characters such as Spider-Man Noir and Peni Parker had been fashionable sufficient for Sony to incorporate them in 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie, which was itself fashionable sufficient to result in two sequels. Now longtime author Dan Slott brings the Spider-Verse again with the brand new Edge of Spider-Verse sequence, which brings collectively Spider-warriors previous and new.

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In Edge of Spider-Verse #2’s story “The Spider and The Dragon” written by Ramzee with artwork by Ruairi Coleman, readers are launched to Zarina Zahari, the resident Spider-Man of the United Kingdom – and appropriately named Spider-UK. Apart from the requisite suite of spider-powers, Zarina has electrochemical powers as nicely (comparable to Miles Morales’ venom strike abilities). When a dragon threatens town, she fits up and instantly calls her boss. “What’s the game plan, Brigadier?” she asks, referring to “Brigadier Alysande Stewart, Commander of W.H.O.”

Astute Doctor Who followers will instantly acknowledge the Brigadier’s identify as a nod to one of many Doctor’s most stalwart allies. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart was an icon of the present for many years, and his daughter now makes appearances ever since his actor handed away in 2011. The undeniable fact that the Brigadier works at W.H.O. isn’t any accident – neither is the truth that when Zarina swings into battle to defend town from the dragon, she wears a “…vintage leather jacket with extradimensional pockets, courtesy of W.H.O.” This is more than likely a reference to the TARDIS, the police box-shaped vehicle the Doctor uses to journey by means of time – and as many Doctor Who followers know, the surface look is small but is way greater on the within.

Spider-UK is a welcome addition to the Spider-Verse and particularly to the roster of British superheroes. The overwhelming majority of superheroes in Marvel’s universe are based mostly in New York City and Spider-Man himself is a New York icon. Fitting, then, that the newest Spider-Man within the Spider-Verse wouldn’t solely struggle for the UK, she would additionally outwardly reference the mythology of Doctor Who (alongside together with her writers).

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