After the autumn of humanity in Marvel’s future, essentially the most unlikely monster is chosen to exchange Doctor Doom’s dwelling.

Warning: SPOILERS forward for Namor the Submariner #3After the top of the world, Dr. Doom dies and Latveria is left in command of a personality followers would by no means anticipate: Frankenstein’s Monster.

At some level sooner or later, the Kree empire invades Earth and unleashes a poisonous assault that contaminates the atmosphere. A big portion of the floor world is left sterile, and a military of superheroes head out into house to confront the menace. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of them fall throughout the battle. Those which are left attempt to salvage what’s left of humanity in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. However, beneath the floor Atlantis thrives, however that does not cease Namor from reaching out and making an attempt to assist the floor world every time he can.


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In Namor the Submariner #3 by Christopher Cantwell and Pasqual Ferry, Namor and Luke Cage head to Latveria. Namor has discovered that his outdated Invaders teammate, the Human Torch, continues to be alive and planning one thing. He hopes that clues to the Human Torch’s plans are in Latveria. However, they found that after Dr. Doom’s death Frankenstein’s Monster has taken over the nation together with a bunch of human survivors which are capable of bear youngsters. The Monster is so in command of the nation that he’s capable of override the Doombots programming to negate Latveria’s peace treaty with Atlantis, inflicting the Doombots to assault Namor and Luke Cage.

Frankenstein’s Monster Is Now A World Leader

frankenstein's monster talks to namor

This is a quite weird improvement for Latveria and Dr. Doom’s dwelling nation. It’s unclear precisely what transpired so as to grant Frankenstein management over not simply the nation however Dr. Doom’s army of Doombots, as effectively. Dr. Doom is extraordinarily paranoid and distrusting. There isn’t any manner the Monster might have gained management of them by himself. Doom would have needed to grant the Monster some form of standing as his successor so as to not simply reside in Doom’s Castle however have management over his Doombots, too.

On the one hand, the Monster was born and spent a big portion of his life in Eastern Europe, the place Latveria is situated. On the opposite hand, the Monster and Dr. Doom largely operated in several circles. Dr. Doom was a full-fledged supervillain that clashed with A-listers just like the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. Although the Monster was recognized a villain early in his life, he has since turn out to be one thing of an anti-hero, working in Marvel’s world of monsters. This contains seeing him alongside characters like Werewolf by Night and Man-Thing. Regardless of the circumstances that led to the Monster turning into Latveria’s de facto chief, it is nonetheless telling that Dr. Doom granted him this standing.

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