It’s Secret Invasion time! In the Spider-Woman comic book, we have recently seen the return of Skrull Queen Veranke, who impersonated Jessica Drew for years within the Avengers. And, with the brand new Disney+ TV Series on the way in which, questioned what which may imply for Marvel reviving Secret Invasion within the comedian books as nicely. And that’s certainly what will likely be occurring,. And with larger synergy between the TV and the comics as of late, you may get concepts about what the comedian e book will imply for the TV present.

Secret Invasion

IGN got the Marvel PR for a brand new Secret Invasion restricted collection from Ryan North and Francesco Mobili. Ryan says “It’s a sequel in that it takes place in the same Marvel Universe as the first one and everyone in the story remembers the first one happening, but it’s more of a standalone story because they’ve all learned from that adventure and aren’t interested in seeing it go the same way twice, where they almost lose the Earth to alien invaders. You don’t have to have any of the 2008 series to enjoy this, of course – the book tells you all you need to know – but if you have there’s a few little callbacks you’ll catch.” And similar to the TV collection, the Secret Invasion  comedian e book will function each Nick Fury and Maria Hill, with the Skrulls eying a takeover of Earth, a planet they view as their rightful property following the destruction of their homeworld, “This is really Maria’s story. I see her as this really competent, really clever woman who’s great at her job, which just happens to sometimes be protecting Earth from shape-shifting alien invaders. What interested me is seeing how an alien invasion story would play out if A) Earth knew what the Skrulls had done before, and B) and used the time since then to prepare. So it’s a less of an ‘Avenger VS Avenger’ story and more of exploration of how even the best, most-funded systems can still fail under unexpected load, and because of basic human nature. That said, there are definitely Avengers punching Avengers in this, so let’s say it’s the best of both worlds: an exciting story of intrigue and collapse, and cool fights with cool heroes.” Though not like the TV present, the comedian will function the very-much-alive Tony Stark. “Honestly, Tony’s always been at least espionage-adjacent, and I love both him and how he interacts with Maria, so including him was a pretty obvious first stop for me. I think all I want to say is that he’s got an unexpected role in this story. That way, if you think he’s a Skrull I’m denying it, and if you think he’s not a Skrull then I’m denying that too. I’m just over here like a true spy, answering your questions with non-answers that only raise more questions.”

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