As Mario Kart 8 Deluxe continues to remain related in 2022 and 2023 because of its 8-part Booster Course Pass, gamers have begun to reassess which characters are essentially the most excellent for the newly added tracks. Divided into Light (Small), Middleweight (Medium), and Heavyweight (Large) sizes that include their very own driving attributes, the most important and heaviest drivers have a tendency to achieve the quickest speeds however undergo within the dealing with and acceleration division.

According to Nintendo Life, the category of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe heavyweight drivers consists of 12 characters, all of which boast clear and quantifiable stats that embody pace, weight, acceleration, dealing with, traction, and mini-turbo.


12 Morton Koopa Jr.

With a weight of 4.5, Morton Koopa Jr. is the heaviest character in MK 8 Deluxe. While that additionally means Morton boasts the best base pace score that the sport affords (4.75), he lacks a number of different key driving stats to make him a prime contender. For occasion, Morton has the bottom dealing with stats (2.5) and the slowest Mini-Turbo pace (2.75) of the complete weight class.

Due to Morton’s underwhelming acceleration (3.0) and traction stats (3.0), his whole statistical driving rating equals 20.5, the bottom total for a big heavyweight character.

11 Bowser

Sharing the very same stat line and whole rating of 20.5 as Morton, Bowser additionally boasts a prime base pace rating of 4.75. Many take pleasure in utilizing Bowser due to his hulking body, which could be very arduous to out-muscle and knock off observe.

When going downhill, Bowser is an absolute beast on the observe. But when tasked with twisty turns, the dearth of dealing with might trigger bother. However, because of the return of Bowser’s trusty Koopa Clown Kart in MK8, which boasts a stellar +.075 automobile rating, Bowser barely bests Morton.

10 Roy Koopa

Making his first Mario Kart look, Roy Koopa is a serviceable heavyweight that boasts a complete statistical driving rating of 20.75. With a weight of 4.0, Roy’s greatest racing attribute is his pace (4.5) however good points a definite benefit over Bowser and Morton together with his dealing with, acceleration, and mini-turbo scores.

Roy has all the time had a popularity as being the brawler of the Kooplalings, and in MK8 he certainly demonstrates a preventing spirit as he stunts and maneuvers his option to the top of the pack. Alas, the actual fact he would not have a custom-made Kart tends to take him down a peg.

9 Waluigi

Easily one the preferred and oft-used characters, Waluigi has the uncommon high quality of being one of many largest (tallest) but lightest heavyweights in MK8. His wiry body makes him extraordinarily versatile on the racetrack, and because of his unlockable kart The Duke, he has an added benefit over his rivals.

Boasting the identical whole stats as Roy and Kong, together with 3.25 acceleration, and equal dealing with, acceleration, and mini-turbo scores (3.0), Waluigi additionally has the home-field benefit of internet hosting the Waluigi’s Pinball course within the second Booster Course Pass.

8 Donkey Kong

An iconic staple since MK64, Donkey Kong is likely one of the hottest characters to play with in MK8 Deluxe. The super-heavyweight has an superior pace rating (4.5) and wonderful drifting abilities, however the drag of his weight (4.0) is sort of noticeable, particularly when driving uphill.

While Kong shares the identical total driving file as Roy and Waluigi (20.75), he good points a definite benefit by means of his signature bike, The Varmint (with Waddle Wings and Monster Tires), which holds the best kart score within the recreation (+1.0).

7 Dry Bowser

Dry Bowser is a skeletal model of Bowser added as a part of the Animal Crossing DLC in MK8 Deluxe. Sharing a weight class (4.25) with Wario, Dry Bowser holds the identical total driving rating (20.75) as Kong, Waluigi, and Roy with a couple of distinct variations. First, Dry Bowser can attain a barely sooner prime pace (4.75), which is paramount for profitable races.

Second, whereas Dry Bowser has barely decrease dealing with and mini-turbo stats (2.75 apiece), he makes up for it with a greater traction/grip rating (3.25), giving him a bonus on no matter street surfaces he is challenged with, particularly his host course, Dry Bone Dunes, one in all the hardest tracks in the Mario Kart 8.

6 Wario

While it is a toss-up between Dry Bowser and Wario, as two heavyweights who share the identical collective driving stats, the latter has a slight benefit by internet hosting each the fan-favorite Mount Wario and Wario Stadium.

While each Wario and Dry Bowser share the identical 20.75 scores as Kong, Roy, and Waluigi, Wario has gained a infamous rep for performing soiled methods, slicing corners, and bending the principles to do no matter is important to win races. When tuned with the Sport Bike, Slick Tires, and Parafoil Glider, Wario is likely one of the quickest drivers to make use of throughout MK8 time trials.

5 King Boo

Believe it or not, King Boo belongs to the second-best class of heavyweights in MK8 because of a supremely balanced driving stat line. With a complete rating of 21.25, what Boo might lack in prime pace (4.0), he greater than atones for with superior stats throughout the board. For a floating ghost with no legs that in some way weighs 3.75, Boo surprisingly has no actual weaknesses on a racetrack.

To attain most efficiency, Boo is greatest kitted with the Standard Bike (+.075), which is right for tracks with sharp, unbounded corners like Mario Kart’s infamous Rainbow Road and newly added Dragon Driftway.

The Legend of Zelda’s iconic Link is a DLC character in MK8 Deluxe who belongs to the identical heavyweight class as King Boo and Rosalina. Along with a base pace of 4.0, the formidable 21.25 driving rating additionally consists of balanced acceleration and dealing with scores (3.25 every), which permits him to catch up and preserve tempo with the quickest burners within the recreation.

While Link might lack prime floor pace, his 4.25 water pace, and 4.5 airspeed give him a bonus on the best MK8 underwater tracks like Dolphin Shoals, Cheep Cheep Beach, in addition to Cloudtop Cruise, and Sky Garden.

3 Rosalina

Marking the primary feminine character to be included within the heavyweight class in MK historical past, Rosalina is simply as tall as Waluigi and even nimbler on the racecourse. Along with Link and Boo, Rosalina boasts balanced driving attributes, however her enormous body provides her a bonus as a result of she will be able to simply ramrod rivals and maintain contact with others with out compromising her efficiency.

With superior antigravity pace (3.75) and dealing with (3.25), the one actual weak point Rosalina has is her water dealing with (2.75), which ranks as her solely sub-3.0 score throughout a dozen or so classes.

2 Pink Gold Peach

Along with Metal Mario, Pink Gold Peach holds the most effective total racing stats in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for any massive heavyweight. A reskin of Princess Peach remodeled with stable gold to present her immovable weight (4.5), Pink Gold Peach boasts a whopping 21.5 whole racing rating because of having few performative weaknesses.

While many dislike Pink Gold Peach and assume she’s nothing greater than a wasteful clone, there is no denying the quantifiable racing traits she possesses. With a floor pace of 4.25, equal dealing with, acceleration, and traction (3.25), and three.0 mini-turbo rank, it is arduous to deal with Pinko Gold Peach when she’s working in prime type.

For massive heavyweight characters in MK8, these comprised of heavy metallic give the characters a definite benefit. Cue Metal Mario, the reskinned model of the sport’s iconic protagonist who, together with Pink Gold Peach, boasts the most effective collective racing rating the sport has to supply. Between the home-field benefit of internet hosting Mario Stadium/Mario Circuit and a number of signature karts at his disposal, Metal Mario is hard to beat. Gold Mario, which can be unlocked by finishing all Grand Prix cups in 1st place on 200cc, is unattainable to beat.

While there are sooner heavyweight drivers than Metal Mario in MK8, pace is not the one issue when contemplating the most effective total racers. To compete on the highest ranges on each form of course, to not point out the antigravity sections, it is the well-rounded heavyweight characters like Metal Mario which have few weaknesses that succeed essentially the most typically in MK 8.

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