Actor Manav Gohil, who is worked up about engaged on a Gujarati movie, says he grew to become lazy throughout the lockdowns

PUBLISHED ON JUL 28, 2021 12:18 PM IST

Manav Gohil is worked up about his new enterprise, a Gujarati movie, with a script by well-liked writer Kajal Oza Vaidya. Being part of a lady centric topic, the actor believes it’s about time male actors smash the stereotype. He shares, “The film’s script attracted me and as I’ve had worked with Kajal ji previously, I was eager to work with her again. Her stories empower women in all walks of life and I have stepped outside my comfort zone but I’m working with a promising team with a strong character. I’ve always appreciated regional cinema and my last project was shot four years ago in Gujarat, so this is exciting.”

While the actor is thrilled to be working with a great script, he says he has been spoilt, of late. “These breaks due to lockdowns have spoilt me. One becomes so lazy being at home that getting back on your feet and working on the script takes effort. The quality of the script was good that I couldn’t refuse. In fact, I am going through a lazy phase and if I get two things to do simultaneously, I feel kitna saara kaam hai. One has rested through the lockdown as I had Covid. But now that I am working, I feel good to be back on the floor. I would dream of shooting and being on the sets.”


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