MAMAMOO‘s Solar lastly answered a query that many followers have been asking. Just how do woman teams handle their sweat? As Korea is at present in the course of a summer season heatwave, many are sweating their pits out however idols usually look completely matte and put collectively on display. Despite intense choreography and sizzling stage lights, idols usually look effortlessly cool. Here are the key behind how they continue to be icy even in summer season.

1. Scalp cooling spray

Solar shared which you can simply apply a scalp cooling spray to the crown of your head. However, the dangerous level about that is that you just can not do it too usually, particularly in case your hair is styled for the day.

2. Armpit pads

These pads may be caught onto the pit components of your prime. They are perfect for use when one wears tight, formfitting clothes or light-colored materials that present sweat stains properly. This is probably the most extremely used product for woman teams after they need to put on quick crop tops.

3. Cool spray

A sprig that you just use on prime of your garments, Solar shared that this one even smells good! A draw back is that it takes a while to dry and may go away water stains in your clothes quickly. It’s nice for white-colored clothes although.

4. Sports spray

This one has an identical impact to the cool spray. However, it doesn’t go away water stains in any respect as a result of high quality spray. Solar shared that their labelmates, ONEUS, makes use extra of this greater than MAMAMOO. MAMAMOO doesn’t get pleasure from utilizing this because it doesn’t scent excellent, however somewhat, has a medicinal scent.

5. Fever patches

The mostly accessible merchandise on the record, these fever patches are used on the go and earlier than broadcast to shortly carry down the physique warmth.

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