Director: Radha Mohan

Cast: Vaibhav, Vani Bhojan, Karunakaran, MS Bhaskar

Malaysia To Amnesia appears like a Crazy Mohan TV drama the place dialogues do all of the heavy lifting with the making being nearly purposeful. But right here, even the jokes are laboured. Here’s a pattern of the sort of joke you’ll get each minute or so: a personality says that he goes on a run from his home to ECR on a regular basis with out fail; the punchline: his home is in ECR. The movie is a pile of such mokka jokes put collectively. 

You can even have a look at Malaysia To Amnesia as a sort of tribute to Speed: characters chatter mindlessly all through the movie as if their heads would explode in the event that they stopped; it didn’t matter what they stated, they only needed to maintain saying one thing. Even an occasional good joke is ruined by 4 terrible ones that comply with in fast succession. The movie’s plot and characters by no means sink in as a result of it’s so anxious to be humorous continuous. 

The central plot had nice alternative for humour: Arun (Vaibhav) cheats on his spouse Suja (Vani Bhojan) and must get away with it. There’s additionally Mannar (MS Bhaskar), their uncle and an newbie sleuth, and Prabhu (Karunakaran), Arun’s greatest good friend. You’d suppose humour within the movie could be derived from Suja discovering out about her husband’s affair or from Arun and Prabhu dealing ineptly with the disaster. Instead, many of the humour within the movie has nothing to do with the characters’ scenario: it’s only a compilation of the best hits of mokka comedy one after the opposite (one other pattern: a girl’s identify, Mayakka, is rhymed with koyyakka). 

The movie tries to be too many issues: an inane Rajesh-type comedy about two associates, an emotional story in regards to the relationship between Arun and Suja, a comedy that includes Mannar, a drama round infidelity, and ultimately, a laughable thriller. But there are a few scenes within the movie that includes Arun and Suja that give us a glimpse into their emotional lives. These are in stable Radha Mohan territory. But even these elements are extremely talky. If you’re taking your eyes off the display screen for a couple of minutes, you wouldn’t miss something vital. Malaysia To Amnesia is mainly a radio drama formatted as a film.

The twist close to the top will solely function an object lesson on how to not write twists. We are given no hints a few character just for him to abruptly change behaviour in a means that helps the movie finish. The ending, too, feels hurried and apparent (twist however) however it additionally brings you reduction from jokes like when an individual with Alzheimer’s is known as ‘algebra patient’.

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