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Vanraj silently watches Anupama panicking seeing Anuj’s essential situation and pleads him to stand up. At dwelling, Toshu asks Kinjal to go and sleep as its 3 a.m. and he or she has plenty of working within the morning. Kinjal cries hugging him. Samar notices them and feels good seeing their variations clearing. Anu continues crying and tries to carry Anuj’s hand however then stops. Varaj walks to her and says physician instructed Anuj is secure and will likely be positive by morning. Anu asks if he’s a health care provider, they’ll’t say something till Anuj will get acutely aware, why don’t he get up. Vanraj affords her water. She finishes it, apologizes for being impolite in stress, and says he’s proper that Anuj will likely be positive quickly. Vanraj says by Kanhaji’s grace and Anu’s prayers, Anuj is out of dancer, so he desires to inform her one thing; he says he, Baa, and Kavya spoke bitter in opposition to her, however the reality is she runs Shah household even after staying away from them; all of them taught they’re habituated to her assist and will likely be positive quickly, however they realized she is their necessity who takes care of all their wants however can’t for lengthy; she can’t do all their minute family chores for lengthy, even Anuj being an enormous enterprise tycoon bought concerned of their household points and so they each suffered so much, so not less than now they each ought to transfer on collectively. Anu is shocked to listen to that. He says she ought to consider herself and Anuj and transfer on as life is giving her a second probability and he or she shouldn’t lose it. He accepts that he was by no means appropriate to him and solely Anuj is, he’s not an amazing individual like her to reward somebody, however accepts that Anuj is best than him; he loves his household, however not limitlessly like Anuj loves Anuj; Anuj’s really loves her and he or she additionally ought to settle for her love for him.

Anu says its not true. Vanraj says he’s a cussed individual and can all the time be and he thinks of solely his advantages, however he’s saying no matter he noticed in hall, her immense concern for Anuj proves that she loves Anuj; she ought to neglect him, Kavya, and complete world and settle for it; he’s egoistic and earlier than his true self comes out, she ought to settle for his commentary that Anuj is the correct individual for her. He holds her hand and retains it on Anuj’s hand. He says household was all the time together with her, however he wasn’t supporting her and was unable to let her go, however at present he’s letting her go. He tries to depart. She holds his hand. He kisses her brow and walks away liberating his hand teary eyed. O maaji re nadiya kinara.. track performs within the background. He then thinks now he and Anu can transfer on of their life after this closure.

Anu remembers Vanraj’s phrases and Bapuji’s suggestion and thinks she ought to transfer on as per their recommendation, however how can Mr Shah inform this. She walks out of ICU room and imagines Anuj singing and dancing round her Janam Dekhlo Mitgayi Duriyan.. track in SRK fashion. Anu remembers their completely happy moments, his acceptance, and so forth. She then seems glass door and seeing Anuj on mattress realizes it was her creativeness. She walks in and holding Anuj’s hand says she is able to transfer on and provides an opportunity to their relationship and herself. Vanraj hears that. Next morning, Anuj wakes up calling Anu and sees her sleeping close by. Anu will get completely happy seeing him acutely aware. He asks if she is okay. She says she is okay due to him and his situation is due to him. He says he’s positive. She asks him to relaxation and calls Vanraj and physician. Vanraj rushes in and smiles seeing Anuj awake. Doctor checks Anuj and says he’s fully alright now, however they should preserve him beneath commentary for some extra time.

Baa continues praying for Anuj complete evening. GK greets her and eagerly tells Bapuiji ought to they go to hospital now. Bapuji asks him to have tea first as Vanraj known as and knowledgeable that Anuj is okay now. Anu video calls Bapuji. Whole household joins. Anu exhibits acutely aware Anuj. Vanraj says Anuj’s situation is secure now and disconnects name. GK thanks Baa for praying for Anuj complete evening. Baa says Anuj is even her youngster. GK thanks complete household for his or her assist. Bapuji says he could have plenty of sweets at present and tells Baa that their son dealt with each Anu and Anuj wholeheartedly and he’s pleased with their son. Baa says she can also be completely happy that he mentioned their son and never solely hers. Back at hospital, Vanraj chats with Anuj and walks away asking Anu to precise her love for Anuj and never anticipate the correct time as that is the correct time and walks away. Anu informs Anuj that police caught goons and Samar bought their mobiles again. Anuj says he should be wanting humorous with unbraided hair. She corrects his hair and remembers him proposing and supporting her. He asks if she desires to say one thing, she will be able to open up with him.

Vanraj returns dwelling. Bapuji asks how is Anuj now. Vanraj says Anuj is okay now, he has a gathering at 9 a.m. and therefore returned o prepare, GK can go to Anuj. Bapuji says he’ll inform. Kinjal goes to organize tea for Vanraj. Bapuji senses Vanraj’s dilemma and asks if he desires to say one thing. Vanraj explains what he mentioned to Anu and says he instructed there may be nothing mistaken in transferring on and if that path takes her to Anuj, he doesn’t understand how household will really feel however expressed his thought with none hesitation. Bapuji emotionally hugs and thanks him and says its higher for each him and Anu. Vanraj will get Malvika’s name. Baa overhears their dialog and asks Bapuji what the place they discussing about Anu and Anuj. Bapuji thinks Baa doesn’t like Anu and Anuj’s relationship, so he shouldn’t inform her something. He says Vanraj mentioned Anuj is okay and walks away. Back at hospital, Anuj seeing Anu’s care and asks if he’s dying. She warns him to dare not say that. He says he noticed it in movies the place physician tells affected person that he has solely 2-3 months left. She scolds him that this isn’t a movie and nothing will occur to him. She is about to precise her emotions for him when sees him getting Malvika’s name and stops. He ignores Malika’s name and asks Anu what was she saying.

Precap: Bapuji suggests Anu to shift to Anuj’s home to care for him. Anuj informs GK that Malvika had known as, she is his greatest duty.

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