Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir continues to entertain the audiences with its formulation made up of laughter, classes, and motion. The viewers loves the characters of SHO Haseena Malik (essayed by Gulki Joshi) and her trusted confidant, Karishma Singh (essayed by Yukti Kapoor).

During a current interview, the actresses shared how their contrasting nature makes for probably the most iconic scenes within the present.

Yukti Kapoor mentioned, “Haseena Malik and Karishma Singh’s varying approach to situations makes for the most hilarious and enjoyable incidents. Karishma is a classic hot-head while Haseena always neutralizes a heated situation with her unique out-of-the-box solutions. She truly embodies our slogan ‘Kuch Baat Hai Kyunki Jazbaat Hai,’ because of her empathetic ways. This opposing nature makes them have the best on-screen partnership.”

Gulki Joshi additionally added to the dialog and shared, “I think soulmates don’t just come in the form of romantic partners. Sometimes, they come into your life as a friend, and that is what Karishma Singh is to Haseena Malik. They are no less than soul sisters. Haseena is always patient with Karishma and wants the best for her. There have been times in the past when the two have had major disagreements because of their opposing natures, but even in those moments, they were always looking out for each other. Their love and respect for each other have always won whenever their friendship has been put to test.”

Talking additional about their friendship, Yukti added, “Even though Karishma has a strong personality herself, she highly respects Haseena and often puts herself in her shoes to navigate through difficult situations. She was also the one to feel most devastated at the news of Haseena Malik’s passing. Her love for Haseena also reflects in the way she treats Urmila. Even when Haseena loses her memory, and believes herself to be Urmila, indulging in weird antics, Karishma keeps patience which is completely unlike her. That is simply because somewhere inside she believes that Urmila is indeed Haseena Malik.”

Spilling the beans on the newest monitor Gulki Joshi shared, “Karishma was the first person Haseena wanted to confess the truth about her being Urmila, before she lost her memory. That just shows the amount of trust she had in her. Even in the latest episode, they have the most heart-warming moment when Karishma gets entrapped in a life-threatening moment and Urimla reaches the place. Watching Karishma Singh struggle for her life, Urmila feels deep emotions and all the moments they had spent together in the past flash before her eyes. In saving Karishma, Haseena finally gets her memory back. That is the power their friendship holds. In a way, in that single moment, Karishma and Haseena save each other and reinstate their unbreakable bond.”


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