I’m going to say that I used to be not anticipating this. A comparatively small comedian e-book writer, Florida-based Mad Cave Studios, recognized for books like Nottingham, Battle Cats, Potions Inc, The Last Session, Wolvenheart and the upcoming A Legacy Of Violence, has acquiredthe comparatively sizeable New York graphic novel writer Papercutz, who publish youngsters comedian books with loads of licenses and public highlight, corresponding to Asterix, Smurfs, High Moon, Gumby  Lunch Witch, Nickelodeon Magazine, The Only Living Boy, The Hardy Boys, Loud House, Geronimo Stilton, Casagrandes and rather more. Rob Salkowitz has the news from Forbes.

Mad Cave Studios Buys OGN Publisher Papercutz, Rex Ogle In Charge

Co-founded by Marvel Spider-Man editor Jim Salicrup, with NBM’s Terry Nantier in 2005, Papercutz has a deep relationship with the bookstore market and particularly the Scholastic e-book festivals held in faculties. It could be that Mad Cave Studios has purchased this relationship in addition to the writer itself, with its personal YA line which may advantages from such a path to market. And its determination makers have rocketed up the Power List in consequence.

They additionally state that whereas Salicrup and Nantier will proceed to work with the corporate, former DC Comics editor Rex E. Ogle and creator of books like Free Lunch, Abuela Don’t Forget Me, Punching Bag and The Supernatural Society would be the new head of editorial for Papercutz.

Forbes has a couple of writer statements;

“Papercutz’s devoted fan base and well-established licenses make it the perfect complement to Mad Cave’s current vision,” stated Mad Cave Studios founder and CEO, Mark London. “With the addition of Papercutz, readers should know that Mad Cave will be the best place to experience new content for different age groups. This is the next step in building an industry-leading publisher, a commitment we have to our talent, the fans, and the comics community.”

“This acquisition of Papercutz is the perfect middle-grade complement to the Mad Cave publishing group,” stated Mad Cave’s VP of Business Development, Mark Irwin. “We couldn’t be happier in welcoming the expertise, talent, and content of Papercutz to our great Mad Cave team, and watching both continue to grow.”

“I’m impressed with what Mad Cave is doing with Maverick and the positive messages in those books,” stated Nantier. “That was part of my decision-making, to place Papercutz with a company bringing fresh material and a fresh approach to those markets.”

“By providing licensed books, original stories, and creator-owned projects, we’ll be creating new stories for every reader and creating an entry point to the rest of our line,” stated Ogle. “As young readers grow and their tastes evolve, we’ll be able to provide fresh content. Whether a child is a reluctant reader or reading well ahead of their peers, Papercutz can provide action, adventure, fantasy, mystery, scary stories, and of course, some of the most recognizable characters in the media.”

“Papercutz has been publishing incredible graphic novels for kids for 17 years, and Mad Cave already has an amazing readership in both the adult and young adult sectors, so it’s exciting to add our middle grade line to the overall list,” stated Ogle.

“We’ve already acquired more content that will be published under the Papercutz imprint,” stated Irwin. “We couldn’t be more excited by this. We want to be a leader, we want to matter to kids.”

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