If you ask me, Machine Man is likely one of the underrated Marvel characters and the most effective debut points for the corporate. Jack Kirby dealt with all of it right here and created a personality that I at all times really feel must have his due. He has a skateboard in his toes! So superior. Anyway, the primary concern isn’t uncommon by any stretch however nonetheless fetches some good cash, particularly a duplicate like this CGC 9.8, taking bids right this moment at Heritage Auctions. One day, Machine Man shall be in an MCU property, and it will skyrocket. I can dream. As of this writing, nevertheless, you could get this copy for $200. Check it out beneath.

Machine Man #1. Credit Heritage Auctions

Put Machine Man In The MCU, You Cowards

“Cover pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Frank Giacoia. Script and pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Mike Royer; While busy saving the life of a hiker in danger, he is unaware that Dr. Broadhurst is receiving a government agent who is informing him that Colonel Kragg has been assigned to terminate the last surviving X-51 unit; he then walks deeper into the forest where he comes across Peter Spaulding, whose van is struck behind a fallen tree; After MM moves the tree out of the way, Peter offers Machine Man a lift; They make small talk in the van until Machine Man learns that Peter is a psychiatrist and becomes uncomfortable and exits the van in traffic; Using a skateboard built into his feet, Machine Man attracts the notice of the police, who in turn alert the troops of Col. Kragg. Mr. Machine renamed Machine Man.”

Honestly, all kidding apart, this is likely one of the gems individuals do not discuss from that period of Marvel, and a 9.8 for this normally instructions the next worth. Go here and get a bit extra information and place a bid. While there, check out the entire different books taking bids right this moment.

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