Lucky Ali releases single ‘Amaraya’ with Israeli rocker Eliezer Botzer(Pic Credit: Instagram/officialluckyali)

Singer-songwriter Lucky Ali and Israeli musician Eliezer Cohen Botzer have launched the second single, “Amaraya” from the duos hugely-anticipated album, “Lemalla”.

“‘Amaraya’ is one of the songs we composed in that space, it talks about all of us being reflections of each other,” says Lucky Ali.

“While we were working on the project we also realised we had similarities culture-wise as well. We all went through our own process of discovery and they came with the project, we added to it and became a part of it. There is a certain kind of love I feel for this project which I can’t express… It’s a work of love for me and I couldn’t have asked for a better platform,” Lucky Ali provides.

The single in 4 languages — Arabic, Hindi, Urdu and Hebrew– talks about rising above variations in recognition of the sentiment that human beings are all however reflections of one another.

“Lucky is a great friend and a very inspiring person, which made this meaningful musical journey even more special. While praying for the end of the pandemic, God willing, we are happy to share our second song ‘Amaraya’, a song of unity and connection between all humans and creation,” says Eliezer.

“The song is about us all being a reflection of the human heart and identifying with one another. Rising above all of our differences, we join in prayer,” Eliezer provides.

“Amaraya” was written and composed by Lucky Ali, Eliezer Botzer, Ori Avni and Uzair Abdul Aleem.

Their first single, “On my way”, which was launched in November 2019, was hailed as a traveller’s anthem and was lapped up by music aficionados internationally. The tune featured lyrics in English, Hebrew, Urdu and Hindi.

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