Warning: This article might comprise main spoilers about Lucifer season 6.

Lucifer lastly ended its run after three seasons on Fox adopted by one other three-season pick-up by Netflix. Fans had been anxiously ready to seek out out what would occur to the titular character in addition to his buddies, household, his love, Chloe, and different favorite characters on Lucifer.

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The story resulted in a satisfying method that did not fake to be a fairy story nor give attention to shock and awe. It was emotional, full circle, candy, and unhappy, all wrapped into one. And whereas there have been loads of issues that occurred within the remaining episode that some followers had predicted, there have been numerous stunning components, too.

10 Lucifer And Chloe Have A Daughter

A close-up of Rory from Lucifer, talking to him.

Lucifer had at all times expressed his distaste for youngsters, calling them all the things from “miscreants” to “burdens.” It was odd, in actual fact, that he managed to develop such an in depth relationship with Trixie, marking one of many best friendships on Lucifer. So followers by no means anticipated that he and Chloe would find yourself having a toddler collectively.

Indeed, they did, and the mysterious younger girl out to kill Lucifer from the trailer was revealed to be their very own daughter visiting from the longer term. The younger girl had Chloe’s sweetness and Lucifer’s rebellious nature, making her the proper mixture of mother and pop.

9 The Return Of Adam

Adam from Lucifer standing outside with Eve.

Lucifer has introduced so many characters from the Bible to the present, together with Cain, Eve, and even God. But followers by no means anticipated to see Adam saunter in as he did, determined to get Eve again after listening to of her antics on Earth and that she was in regards to the get remarried.

While Adam, showing because the epitome of machismo, was hilarious, the very best line was delivered by Dr. Linda when he commented to her that she was “actually quite smart” and her reply: “drop the actually.”

8 Ella Finds Love

Ella and Carol knocking fists in a scene from Lucifer.

While it was a constructive shock, it was one which followers weren’t certain would occur earlier than the sequence ended. Ella had dangerous luck with males and was typically interested in the improper guys. Even when she tried to vary her methods and go for the “good guy,” he turned out to be a serial killer.

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It appears, nonetheless, that Dan was in a position to assist earlier than his dying by making an attempt to set Ella up along with his previous pal Carol, who ended up being the brand new police chief. He did, certainly, appear to be a genuinely good man and the pair gave the impression to be comfortable by the tip, a lot to the delight of the followers.

7 Dan Comes Back To Earth As A Ghost

Amenadial in his police uniform interviewing an older woman while ghost Dan looks on from a chair on the side in a scene from Lucifer.

Fans had been devastated by the lack of Dan in season 5, which was one of many most heartbreaking moments on Lucifer. They had been nervous they may not see him once more and of the affect his dying would have on Chloe and Trixie, in addition to Amenadiel and Maze. But then, remembering the kind of present Lucifer is, after all, Dan would nonetheless be round, albeit not in the identical type.

Nonetheless, it was stunning that Dan wasn’t solely seen biding his time in Hell till he received make his technique to Heaven, however he managed to return to Earth, the place he was a ghost for the whole remaining season (he was solely seen and heard by different celestials and demons).

6 Charlie Gets Wings

Dr. Linda and Amenadial with Charlie and a birthday cake, wings spouting from his back on Lucifer.

When Linda first found she was pregnant, she was terrified in regards to the unknowns. Scared of how the child may look since he was half-angel, she proceeded to angel baby-proof the whole home, together with wrapping the ceiling fan and different excessive above gadgets with bubble wrap. But that was the final followers heard of the chance after Charlie was born.

However, in a fast-forward scene from the ultimate episode, Linda and Amenadiel are seen with Charlie celebrating a birthday. As he blows out his candles, wings sprout from his again. He will certainly have celestial options, which might have ended up changing into an attention-grabbing storyline if the present had extra episodes to discover it in depth.

5 Lucifer Returns To Being The Devil

Lucifer smiling in a creepy way.

Some die-hard followers weren’t so comfortable about the truth that the very traits that made Lucifer so charming would not be there if he turned God. Fans suspected one thing would happen to forestall that from occurring, nevertheless it was nonetheless a shock to see Lucifer return to being the Devil.

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Except this time round, his job wasn’t to welcome and torture misplaced souls however moderately to assist them cope with their very own guilt so they may lastly ascend. Hell had turn out to be remedy and Lucifer took all the things he realized from Dr. Linda to be his greatest, although nonetheless devilish, self.

4 Chloe Dies

future Chloe from Lucifer on her death bed as an older woman.

While some fan theories about Lucifer on Reddit predicted that Chloe would die and go to Heaven, the place she would have her fortunately ever after and spend eternity with Lucifer, this wasn’t fairly the case.

The story managed to mix each sweetness with disappointment by dividing Lucifer and Chloe for 30+ years whereas she lived a full life on Earth as a single mother. Following her dying, presumably in her 60s or 70s, Chloe reverted to her youthful self and was escorted to Hell by Amenadiel, at her needs, to be with Lucifer.

3 Amenadiel Becomes God

Amenadiel from Lucifer in all white, flanked by two of his siblings and he rules Heaven as God.

Fans had questioned from the start why Amenadiel did not step up and take the place of God. He was the proper individual for the job, and apparently God’s favourite son. Amenadiel had some great powers on Lucifer as properly, together with the power to sluggish time and even resurrect the useless. He was the eldest, had a robust ethical conscience, and genuinely needed to assist folks.

It appeared, nonetheless, that Amenadiel had discovered a path to make change on Earth by changing into a police officer. So, it was stunning that, in any case of his transformations, Amenadiel lastly realized it was his future to take over – however deal with issues in a brand new method.

2 The Guilt That Sent Dan To Hell

Dan, Chloe, and Trixie on Lucifer in the kitchen with her mom off to the side, Dan holding chocolate cake.

When Chloe and the others found that Dan was in Hell not Heaven, they could not work out why. People are despatched there by their very own guilt, so what was he responsible about? Especially since, proper earlier than his dying, Dan lastly gave the impression to be coming to phrases with issues and changing into a greater individual.

It seems that what Dan was nonetheless feeling responsible about being a foul father. But when he took over a felony’s physique and managed to speak with Trixie beneath the guise of being an previous pal of her dad’s, he lastly heard the phrases he wanted to listen to: that Trixie idolized him, felt he was a tremendous father, and didn’t look down on him for his errors.

1 Lucifer Leaves Chloe

Chloe sitting on Lucifer's lap, him looking down, both looking sad.

It appeared remarkable that Lucifer would ever go away Chloe given how a lot he felt for her. Lucifer did some sweet things for Chloe through the years that proved how deeply in love together with her he was. But the very fact he would depart turned much more puzzling after the invention that he not solely left her but additionally his unborn daughter.

As it turned out, it was true, however there was a legitimate purpose. He discovered his true calling and he needed to observe it. Chloe, too, understood, and that’s what made their love story probably the greatest on tv: despite the fact that Chloe knew she must reside her whole life on Earth with out him, nonetheless lengthy that could be, it was value it as a result of she knew she would get to spend eternity with him.

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