In Love, Death + Robots quantity 3, episode 1, a robotic is about to cite a thinker earlier than he is reduce off. Who’s the thinker and what did he say?

The opening episode of Love, Death + Robots quantity 3 “Three Robots: Exit Strategies” teases the viewers with a quote from “the great human philosopher Santayana,” earlier than the robotic talking is reduce off – so who’s Santayana? What did he say, and why is it related to the human extinction in Love, Death + Robots? In an analogous vein to Black Mirror, the anthology sequence boasts an array of shorts in every season that toy with sci-fi, fantasy, and horror genres. Created by Deadpool director Tim Miller and produced by Fight Club director David Fincher, the sequence has received crucial acclaim and a number of other Primetime Emmy Awards, largely for its distinctive, but different animation.


Love, Death + Robots quantity 3, episode 1, “Three Robots: Exit Strategies” follows the identical three robots final seen in season 1, episode 2. Their sightseeing voyage of a post-apocalyptic world, during which humanity has rendered the world uninhabitable, permits the robots to critique and mock the stupidity of humanity. When at an area station that’s surrounded by the useless our bodies of people that tried to flee on spaceships designed by the wealthiest folks alive, 11-45-G, the robotic with an automatic voice and the least human-like of the three, tries to mirror upon the phrases of Santayana. The diminutive robotic K-VRC shortly cuts him off, distracted by footage of the one spaceship that was capable of escape earth within the universe of Love, Death + Robots‘ episode.

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The thinker in query is George Santayana, a Spanish-American thinker, who was dedicated to metaphysical naturalism faculties of thought. His most well-known quote, that the robotic 11-45-G almost definitely referred to, is “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” which got here from Santanyana’s 1905 work, The Life of Reason. While this quote resonates with the themes of Love, Death + Robot‘s episode, one other well-known Santayana quote that can be related is “Only the dead have seen the end of war,” which he wrote in 1922’s Soliloquies in England and Later Soliloquies.

Love Death Robots Three Robots Exit Strategies

George Santayana’s 1905 quote is poignant given how humanity “had all the tools to heal themselves but instead they chose greed and self-gratification.” Love, Death + Robots‘ dystopian reality displays on how humanity constantly selected to disregard the planet’s wants, sapping its riches till there have been none extra to take. Through grasping pursuits, as an alternative of defending the earth, the elite people selected to inhabit a brand new planet, Mars. Although Mars is “dead and lifeless,” the people within the episode selected to say it anyway, proving that they’d not realized their lesson after they ruined the earth and the societies that their ancestors had constructed. When the on a regular basis folks tried to power their method onto the spaceships, they have been burnt alive by the elite. This is the place Santanyana’s different quote rings true, as whilst humanity faces extinction, violence and conflict don’t stop, and actually “only the dead have seen the end of war.”

The smaller robotic within the Love, Death + Robots episode, K-VRC, seems essentially the most human-like in persona, as as an alternative of studying Santanyana’s lesson, it shouts, “Hey, shut up! That’s boring!” Although unconfirmed, K-VRC, appears to have been programmed by people because it demonstrates the identical capability for willful ignorance. Like humanity, K-VRC is extra within the footage of the one spaceship that escaped earth. This spaceship is flashier, extra attention-grabbing, and a straightforward method out – all the things the people on the earth of Love, Death + Robots want. It looks as if George Santayana’s quotes could be utilized to otherworldly robots, in addition to humanity.

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