She was noticed with an SM Rookie.

Love Catcher in Bali is among the hottest Korean relationship actuality exhibits. The contestants can select their identification between Money or Love. If a Money results in a remaining pair with a Love, they are going to stroll away with tens of hundreds in prize cash. But, they can’t get right into a relationship post-show with their associate. If each are Money, neither will get the prize cash.

One of the contestants, Choi Tae Eun, as soon as gained attention for her previous as a woman group member. She was part of the woman group High Color, and even appeared on MIX NINE.

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Choi Tae Eun on MIX NINE. | Mnet

Fans belatedly discovered about her connection to the massive leisure firm SM Entertainment a month after the present ended. Tae Eun uploaded a photograph with famed SM Rookies former trainee, Ko Eun.

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| @c.taeeun/Instagram

As quickly as she uploaded the picture, followers started to ask how she knew Ko Eun.

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  • Fan: “Gasp… How do you two know each other..??!! Both Eun-ie unnie and Tae Eun unnie were my favs…”
  • Tae Eun: “Back in the day! I was a trainee at SM Entertainment, and that’s how I know her.”

While the truth that she was a trainee is no surprise, the truth that she educated at SM Entertainment together with the SM Rookies is! Tae Eun and Ko Eun each now lead lives as non-celebrities.

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