Fans are understandably outraged.

LOONA‘s management has been under fire a lot recently for various issues that the group has been having. Between being criticized for the vagueness of Chuu‘s absence from multiple events to several members becoming ill due to overworking themselves on tourBlockberry Creative isn’t getting numerous optimistic consideration currently.

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And now, because of a current revelation from member Yeojin, it appears that evidently LOONA’s followers have one thing else to rightfully be upset about for the group’s sake.

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Yeojin (LOONA)

While utilizing a fan app referred to as Fab on September 23, Yeojin was interacting with followers by means of a textual content chat about numerous matters. One of the themes that got here up was whether or not or not the K-Pop idol was wealthy, by which she revealed that she wasn’t on account of the truth that she hadn’t acquired cash from her label since LOONA debuted.

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The woman group formally debuted in August 2018 with “Hi High”, though they’d been popping out with pretty constant pre-release tracks way back to 2016. If what Yeojin mentioned is true, meaning the ladies have been working for round six years — and with current harsh circumstances — with out even being paid for it.

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Yeojin (LOONA)

While it’s, sadly, not unusual for K-Pop idols to go for some time with out being paid for his or her work as an idol as a result of excessive prices of being a trainee and the cash that goes into debut promotions and content material, six years is sort of excessive, particularly due to the accidents and sickness LOONA’s members have been struggling currently.

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It’s very doable that one of many causes their tour has been persevering with regardless of the quite a few points is as a result of they want the cash that live shows will usher in. Tours are sometimes one of many greatest sources of revenue for K-Pop artists, and with the COVID-19 period hitting many teams exhausting monetarily, LOONA’s present tour is probably going much more important to the label’s revenue.

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Yeojin’s feedback have sparked a dialog on Reddit with responses starting from dismay and outrage to grudging lack of shock.

Yeojin says she hasn’t been paid since debut from kpopthoughts

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The undeniable fact that LOONA contains of 12 members is also placing additional monetary pressure on them and the label, which was mentioned within the Reddit thread as properly.

Whatever the explanation for it, if LOONA’s members actually have labored as exhausting as they’ve with out something of their financial institution accounts to indicate for it, then one thing undoubtedly must be modified about how teams corresponding to them are debuted and managed!

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