They try to acquire unique rights to the group.

The risk that LOONA, which has suspended actions on account of a dispute with Blockberry Creative, shall be lively in Japan fairly than Korea has been raised amongst leisure officers. According to business officers, Universal Japan has began to take motion to train unique rights over the members of LOONA immediately. Universal Japan is an funding firm of the group and is accountable for administration in Japan.

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It has been reported that Universal Japan is within the means of getting ready Japan promotions for all twelve members. If Universal Japan points unique rights to LOONA by changing Blockberry Creative, it’s anticipated that they are going to concentrate on Japanese actions similar to album releases and fan conferences for a minimum of three years.

Full Japanese actions will embody member Chuu, who has been doing solo actions since early on. They have additionally determined to rectify the battle between LOONA and Blockberry Creative by offering the settlement particulars on to the members, revealing their standing as one of many prime file corporations in Japan.

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However, it was reported that if the members reject the actions offered by the Japanese company with none convincing motive, authorized disputes in Japan may additionally proceed so as.

In September 2019, all members signed an unique contract with Universal Japan that said, “even if the contractual relationship with Blockberry Creative expires, the members must fulfill the exclusive contract, and if they do not comply, compensation for damages will be made according to Japanese law.”

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In the circumstances of different earlier lady teams, there have been many that also had time left on their unique contract with their Japanese company, thus inflicting them to proceed actions in Japan even after their workforce actions had ended.

Previously, Blockberry Creative introduced that Chuu had been kicked out of the group. They then submitted a petition to the Korea Entertainment Management Association and the Korea Entertainment Producers Association to ban Chuu from leisure actions. They additionally postponed LOONA’s comeback in January indefinitely, saying that “comeback activities are meaningless in a state where various concerns about the members’ situation have not been resolved.”

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