Loki‘s admittance that his romantic history has included “a bit of both” in the third episode of his self-titled Disney Plus show was a small step for an Asgardian, but one giant leap for the MCU. With this throwaway line, the God of Mischief became the MCU’s first brazenly queer main character. The improvement unsurprisingly meant quite a bit to followers, and it seems it meant quite a bit to Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston, as nicely.

Speaking to Lily James as a part of Variety‘s “Actors on Actors” interview series, Hiddleston reflected on Loki’s bisexuality, mentioning that it was hardly a stunning reveal concerning the character as Thor’s brother has been fluid about his gender and sexuality for the reason that unique Norse myths. So the Avengers: Infinity War star was “pleased and privileged” when this factor of his persona was introduced into the MCU. As he defined:

“Back from my early days of researching the character in the ancient myths, the identity of Loki was fluid in every aspect and in gender, in sexuality. It’s a very ancient part of the character and I think I thought about it. … It hadn’t emerged in the stories we’ve told. And I was really pleased and privileged, actually, that it’s came up in the series.

Hiddleston went on to admit, however, that the aforementioned one-liner was only the beginning of an ongoing battle for fuller LGBTQIA+ representation in the Marvel universe, stressing that the franchise must “reflect the world we live in” higher than it presently does. Touching on Loki’s sexuality was apparently on the forefront of what Hiddleston, the sequence’ director, and its showrunner wished to do with the sequence. The star continued:

It’s a small step. There’s a lot extra to do. But the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to mirror the world we stay in. So it was an honor to convey that up. It was actually vital to me. It was actually vital to Kate Herron and Michael Waldron, and I’m happy that we may convey it into our story.

Some have complained about how little Loki’s bisexuality was truly explored on display, inflicting Kate Herron to defend the moment, though she conceded — very similar to Hiddleston — that there’s a lot nonetheless to be achieved with queer rep within the MCU. With Loki‘s second season starting production this very month, however, hopefully we can expect these themes to be deepened as the trickster’s journey unfolds.

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