The current episode of Lock Upp witnessed a surprising revelation about Saisha Shinde. During a dialog with Payal Rohatgi and Poonam Pandey, Saisha shared that earlier than her s*x reassignment surgical procedure, he was in a relationship with a man, who mentally tortured her again then.

Saisha stated, “Even I was abused in a relationship but it wasn’t physical, it was mental abuse on another level. He made me feel like I am sh*t. He used to stand outside my door and just wait thinking that someone will come and I’ll cheat on him. And, let’s say if I cheat on him, he’ll catch me red-handed and he will use it against me. He used to climb on the terrace, go on the pipeline, stand on the pipeline, open the blinders of the bathroom and see slowly if I am mast********, to use that against me.”

When Payal Rohatgi requested Saisha, “Why can’t you mastu*****?” She responded saying, “Because that’s the reason than that I don’t want to have s*x with him. Back then, I thought maybe he’s saying the right thing but I was never happy in there. Physically, I was never happy at all. I used to always wonder, ‘kya mujhe samajh hi nahin aa raha hai’ because I was a woman inside who was having s*x with a gay man. Obviously, something was wrong but I told myself that I am gay only.”

For the unversed, Saisha Shinde is a famend clothier and has styled a number of widespread Bollywood celebrities together with Kangana Ranaut, Kareena Kapoor Khan amongst others. She additionally designed the finale robe for Harnaaz Sandhu for the Miss Universe 2021.

Saisha realized on the age of 15 that she was excited about males however was nonetheless confused about her identification. She took remedy and on the age of 40, underwent the surgical procedure, and now’s a proud transwoman.

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