Payal Rohatgi’s resolution of playing cards distribution amongst her teammates has backfired towards her. The subsequent mistake she did was when she disclosed who she nominated in entrance of Poonam and Sara. Payal’s personal teammates turned towards her once they realized about her plan.

Chetan Hansraj confronted her and requested why she ‘screw up’ every thing for the group. Nisha Rawal requested Payal what was her resolution based mostly on and why didn’t she select to debate it with the group however Payal select to dodge the query and requested her come again alone as she needed to speak to her solely.

Ali Merchant, who extraordinarily disillusioned by Payal lashed out at her and stated, “I have never seen a fake woman like you in my life but I still love you, because this is the nature I have in my life. My driver, my boy or my three managers, unme zyada dimaag hai. Aapko kya lagta hai, you’re smart? Aapse zyada jhuthi aurat maine zindagi mein nahi dekhi. I felt bad, we all felt bad. But mujhe lagta hai main chu**** tha that I got carried away, bhai inpe ye hua zulm to let me be nice, let her go in.”

Amidst all this, Payal saved her ears and eyes closed pretending as if she can not take heed to the slamming she was receiving.

All this whereas, Ali saved accusing Payal and stated, “I am not getting angry because I am in the charge sheet, I might be the weakest but I don’t care. Unfortunately, I came in as a wildcard agar mein shuruwat se aata toh tumhari phaad deta tumhari. I’ll come back and main aapki zindagi barbaad kar doonga, I am going to ruin your life.”

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