The newest episode of Lock Upp witnessed some large confrontations between the inmates. After the duty of cost sheet, Poonam Pandey and Saisha Shinde had been evidently upset with Munawar Faruqui and Anjali Arora.

Amidst all this Anjali informed Karanvir that Zeeshan informed her about Mandana accusing him of behaving inappropriately exterior on the pretext of ‘discussing’ script. Karanvir was shocked and he went to confront Mandana in Zeeshan’s presence. When requested Zeeshan confirmed that Mandana stated that within the exterior world, a whole lot of time KVB has known as her to debate scripts and all however she by no means went as a result of she has belief points.

Karanvir stated, “I will believe this man (Zeeshan) because he is doing roza and he won’t lie. Mandana if you have said this, you have disappointed me. Forget me, you have disappointed my wife (Teejay). I will not trust you.”

Mandana tried to make clear and stated, “I haven’t said this. I have only said I don’t trust him even in the outside world. Maa Ki kasam. That’s it.”

Karanvir was evidently upset and likewise confused about whom to consider, he stated that he’s the one who has handled her with the utmost respect. Mandana broke into tears whereas attempting to elucidate that she hasn’t stated such a factor.

Meanwhile Ali, Anjali and Zeeshan had been standing agency by their assertion. Mandana informed Karanvir, “We have never connected. But I love his wife. She is an amazing woman and I am close to her. I care about her, your kids. I swear on your kids.”

This infuriated Karanvir and he stated, “Do not bring my kids into this.” Realizing that there isn’t a finish to this argument, Zeeshan informed Karanvir to observe the episode when he goes out after which resolve who’s mendacity and who isn’t..

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