“He’s trash. Overhyped, overrated,” McCoy stated. “He plays like a high school player. Runs around, runs backwards, does a ballerina circle, goes left, goes right, turns all the way around again, then looks for a wide receiver. He’s trash. That’s not how you play quarterback.”

One of McCoy’s co-hosts requested how Murray’s type of play is any totally different than McCoy’s former teammate Patrick Mahomes. McCoy strongly objected to the comparability.

“He ain’t Mahomes,” McCoy stated. “Let me inform you about Mahomes actual fast. The majority of Mahomes’ passes are timing. Third step hit, increase, ball’s out. Fifth step, increase, ball’s out. Sometimes he goes off-script as a result of all of us can try this. … Not each cross. Every cross, (Murray) is holding the ball, let’s make a miracle. Every sport he’s performed — watch him play. It’s actually embarrassing, to be sincere.

“Who’s coaching this kid? Now when they say we want to sign you to a big contract, but you have to watch certain film, now that makes sense. I see why, because he ain’t reading no coverages. When the quarterback is running around like that all day, all night, all game, that’s because he’s not reading any coverages.”

Lots of McCoy’s factors right here have certainly been echoed by others. While the “high school player” declare is excessive, Murray detractors do argue that nearly as good an athlete as he’s, he doesn’t excel on the psychological aspect of quarterbacking and struggles to interrupt down coverages and fronts. The notorious movie research clause that was added and removed from his new contract definitely didn’t dispel that notion, it doesn’t matter what its intent was.

McCoy is just not afraid to be critical of figures who don’t seem to attract a lot of criticism, so this isn’t an enormous shock. Still, it’s about as blistering a tackle an oft-heralded younger quarterback as you’re more likely to hear.

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