When Hope grew to become the tribrid and activated her vampire powers in Legacies, she ought to have been stripped of magic. Here’s why she will be able to nonetheless use it.

After three seasons, Legacies lastly noticed Hope turn out to be the Tribid however her flip utterly broke the rule about witchcraft first set forth in The Vampire Diaries. Despite the melodrama and the over-the-top nature of lots of the present’s plotlines, The Vampire Diaries did a surprisingly good job establishing the principles of the universe when it comes to supernatural creatures and magic. It all pivots round nature at all times discovering a steadiness, whether or not naturally occurring or by means of the assistance of witches.

It’s why true hybrids are so uncommon in the Vampire Diaries universe: nature abhors one creature having a lot energy. Thus, it is going to do something to maintain the steadiness between people, werewolves, witches, and vampires. Each supernatural group has weaknesses to maintain them in test: Vampires will die if bitten by a werewolf however werewolves can solely flip through the full moon, which limits their skills. Witches are granted terrifying quantities of energy, however as people, they do not possess the superhuman traits of vampires and werewolves. Likewise, regardless of how highly effective a witch is, each spell has a loophole. In all methods, nature and the spirits keep the steadiness.


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Yet in Legacies, tribrid Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell) seemingly is resistant to a cardinal rule of witchcraft. In the world of The Vampire Diaries, a witch is simply granted powers as people. If a witch is became a vampire, they lose their powers: as they’re servants of nature however nature considers vampires to be an abomination of nature, witches are stripped of magic in the event that they flip (save for Siphoners, which is one other matter). Yet, though Hope’s transformation into the tribrid concerned her awakening her dormant vampire aspect, she was proven utilizing magic after her vampire awakening to reform her garments. In principle, the minute Hope Mikaelson activated her vampire powers in Legacies, she ought to have misplaced her capacity to wield magic. Hope herself is nature’s final loophole, although, and it seemingly explains why she will be able to nonetheless use her witch powers.

Hope Legacies

The actuality is that Hope should not exist. She is nature’s strolling definition of an excessive amount of energy as a werewolf, witch, and vampire, and who possesses all of their powers however few of their weaknesses. Yet witches created her and nature allowed them to, as a result of there’s something on this planet that’s simply as highly effective as her, and that is Malivore. A thousand years in the past, witches, vampires, and werewolves mixed their blood as a way to create Malivore, a golem that might assist them defeat dragons, however he ultimately grew too highly effective for them to manage and turned on them. As established, although, nature at all times creates a counter and that counter is Hope, the one being robust sufficient to defeat the Malivore golem in Legacies, and she or he’s solely robust sufficient to defeat Malivore as a result of she is a mixture of all three supernatural creatures.

There’s even a loophole throughout the loophole that’s Hope that arguably permits the logic of The Vampire Diaries universe to stay intact, too. As a brand new vampire, Hope should not have witch powers as vampires aren’t human. However, Hope can be a werewolf, and werewolves are human. If Legacies have been to disclose that the magic bypassed her inhuman vampire aspect and was granted to still-human werewolf aspect, technically, that would not break the principles of witchcraft laid forth by nature. Even with that allowance, Hope’s tribrid powers and talents are certain to be unstable, which the remainder of Legacies season 4 is certain to discover. It will probably be attention-grabbing to see simply how far it pushes the boundaries of The Vampire Diaries universe.

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