Ahead of “Taxi Driver 2,” lead star Lee Je Hoon has expressed his love for the collection!

Based on the webtoon of the identical title, SBS’s “Taxi Driver” tells the story of a mysterious taxi service that delivers justice and revenge on behalf of victims who can not get assist from the legislation. Following the primary season’s profitable run in 2021, “Taxi Driver” is returning for a second season subsequent month.

Lee Je Hoon performs the position of Kim Do Gi, a driver on the Rainbow Taxi company who makes a speciality of searching down and punishing villains on behalf of their victims. The “taxi hero” is now again to proceed getting again at criminals for victims positioned in unjust conditions.

Thinking again to when Season 1 aired, Lee Je Hoon shared, “I was able to feel the popularity of this drama, which I thought was pretty new and unconventional, when it aired each week and people would talk about ‘Taxi Driver.’ I was so happy to play a refreshing character who delivered exhilaration to viewers by solving cases dealing with real-life scenarios and I’m just thankful for all the love.”

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Lee Je Hoon revealed that he did in no way count on a second season, however nonetheless wished that the drama’s story would proceed on as a result of it make clear vital incidents and conveyed enjoyable and that means on the identical time. He added, “Right after the drama’s conclusion, there was talk about Season 2, so I’m deeply moved that we’re able to greet viewers again after a year and a half.”

The actor continued, “Since I had so much affection for ‘Taxi Driver,’ appearing in ‘Taxi Driver 2’ was such an obvious decision for me. If I was not offered [a role], I would’ve been upset. It’s such an honor to appear again in ‘Taxi Driver 2’ and I’m grateful that they sought me out again. I will work hard to showcase a better image than Season 1.”

Lee Je Hoon additionally expressed his gratitude for the “Rainbow Luck” workforce, sharing, “Our team group chat was made when Season 1 began and has carried on until now. Now, we really feel like a comfortable family. That’s why when the ‘Rainbow Luck’ team is altogether, it’s more fun, healing, and full of laughs than when I film alone. They are such reliable people I’m thankful for.”

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Regarding key factors for the brand new season, Lee Je Hoon shared, “The fiery revenge unique to ‘Taxi Driver’ is a given, but ‘Taxi Driver 2’ will have even more to see. The scale is much bigger, to the point where I was shocked during filming. Given the large scale, I’ve worked hard with many actors to properly capture a variety of episodes so your eyes will be entertained.”

Lee Je Hoon concluded, “Thanks to all your love, we are able to greet you again with ‘Taxi Driver 2.’ As you’ve waited such a long time, we will showcase a good project that does not disappoint, so please look forward to it lots. We will film diligently. I hope you join ‘Taxi Driver’ on its run.”

Season 2 of “Taxi Driver” will begin airing on February 17 at 10 p.m. KST.

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