Lee Jae Wook is filled with fashion and charisma in his pictorial for Esquire journal!

In the interview following the photograph shoot, Lee Jae Wook shared how his explicit curiosity in accumulating vogue objects has modified. “If there’s clothing I want to buy, I buy one piece at a time as a sort of mood-booster. I love clothes the same as always, but my obsession has disappeared,” he revealed.

Rather than feeling happiness from carrying the garments, Lee Jae Wook stated that it’s the supply that excites him essentially the most. He continued, “When I get the text message that there’s a package in front of my door, I get really excited and rush to open it up. Each part of the process is fun. Getting the package, opening the box, trying on the shoes, wearing them, and my friends commenting on them.”

The interviewer commented on Lee Jae Wook’s development, mentioning that he had extra of a charismatic aura in comparison with his previous interview with Esquire final yr. Lee Jae Wook mirrored on his mindset then as he responded, “Compared to back then, I think I try to enjoy every situation more now. Maybe that attitude is why I appear like this. Looking back, it was foolish to get nervous about the pressure and miss out on what’s important.”

Lee Jae Wook had been within the midst of filming “I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice” throughout his earlier interview. He talked about that up till then he hadn’t taken a break. “This time around, I took a break for about six months,” he shared. “I think there are definitely things that get polished and refined when you rest. I can’t say exactly what it is, but I think I’ve become more at ease.”

Reminiscing about his time filming the drama, Lee Jae Wook stated, “I really enjoyed filming right from the start. I had a role that I could click well with, and the atmosphere on set allowed me the freedom to try out a lot of ad-libs.”

Lee Jae Wook

Lee Jae Wook additionally shared how he felt about his function as Lee Jang Woo within the drama. “I think it really displayed me well,” he started. “It’s not that I did a good job, it’s that the environment was a good one. The role of Jang Woo had a lot of wiggle room. No matter how I chose to portray him, it would have been the right answer, so I expressed the character in my own fun way.”

Known as an actor who all the time expresses regrets about his earlier roles, Lee Jae Wook shared the identical sentiment about his function as Lee Jang Woo. “Since I was able to act in that environment, I think there could almost be even more regrets. In a lot of selective ways,” he revealed. “No matter how I act, I always have regrets when I check the footage. Every actor is probably like that, not just me.”

Lee Jae Wook concluded, “However, the word ‘regret’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘failure.’ It just means I had the feeling that something was lacking, and that I should try to do a better job next time. It’s because of that feeling that I’m able to show even more improvement in my next role.”

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