Singer Lee Hyo Ri expressed jealousy when her husband Lee Sang Soon talked about his ex-girlfriend on “Canada Check-in”.

On December thirtieth, tvN uploaded a pre-release video titled “(Hyo Ri’s sincerity) I want the puppies to enjoy relaxed and safe days” for episode 3 of the leisure program “Canada Check-in”.

The launched video reveals Lee Hyo Ri and Lee Sang Soon on the day they recorded the tune “Even without me asking how you are”.

Lee Hyo Ri mentioned, “I listened to your song and I think the lyrics deliver our hearts well”, including “The lyrics don’t mean to express my hope for the kids (puppies) to be happy. I just want them to spend calm and safe days lying down on the sofa and getting along well with their guardians. To be honest, isn’t that the best thing?”

canada check in

Hearing this, Lee Sang Soon agreed, “It’s like the relief when you can tell they are there safely without having to ask how they are doing”.

canada check in

When Lee Hyo Ri commented, “I think it sounds more sincere because I sing it”, Lee Sang Soon requested again, “How about when I sang it?”. Lee Hyo Ri jokingly mentioned, “There was no subject when you sang it”. Lee Sang Soon mentioned, “There was, my ex-girlfriend”. 

canada check in

At that second, Lee Hyo Ri exploded with jealousy. She shouted, “There was?”, then stood up and “attacked” Lee Sang Soon with forces. Lee Sang Soon burst into laughter and mentioned, “I couldn’t even ask how she was”. 

Source: Daum

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