Imagine, if you’ll, somebody going to Kent Hughes a 12 months in the past and telling him what was about to transpire.

That he was going to go away his life as an NHL participant agent and would develop into the final supervisor of the Montreal Canadiens by January.

“You may have had a tough time convincing me,” Hughes stated with a chuckle this week.

Well, it grew to become actuality all proper. And because the native of Beaconsfield, Que., grew to become the fabled franchise’s 18th GM on Jan. 18, already he and his boss Jeff Gorton have put a big imprint on the group, from high to backside.

For Hughes, it’s been from one grind to a different. The lifetime of a participant agent is certainly a grind, the times seemingly limitless. And it’s most likely extra cutthroat than ever.

The lifetime of a GM operating the Habs? A special type of grind, however nonetheless a grind, and one with a burning, vivid, bilingual media highlight on it.

“I always felt that both sides are busy,” Hughes stated in evaluating his previous job to his new one. “Maybe a little more cyclical on the agent side; whereas I think on the management side, it’s more continuous over the course of the season.

“Although early on (as an agent), I was constantly on the road and doing stuff. As you mature in the business, I guess it takes on a different shape. But the last eight, nine months have been busier than the nine months prior.”

Hughes was requested to leap on a runaway prepare going off the rails midseason, and accomplish that whereas balancing the necessity to not act too rashly, the necessity to take in his new environment and the necessity nonetheless to behave — as he clearly did, with a training change adopted by significant organizational hires over the previous a number of months.

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