She had the most effective reactions, particularly to Hueningkai’s components!

Lea Navvab Huening is a proud sister!

Lea Navvab Huening | @leanavvab/Instagram

TXT’s Hueningkai and Kep1er‘s Huening Bahiyyih‘s sister Lea is a former K-Pop idol who frequently posts on TikTok and holds live broadcasts. During a recent TikTok Live, live reacted to TXT’s newest comeback with their “Suger Rush Ride” MV. 

Even Lea was surprised by the visuals. She requested her followers if one of many pictures was actually of her brother.

Is this Kai?

— Lea Navvab Huening

Lea was loving the track and choreography, although! She couldn’t assist however be a proud huge sister every time Hueningkai was heart.

I really like the dance. I really like this half… Kai is within the center! Look! Look! Look! He seems to be so good right here.

— Lea Navvab Huening

But additionally like a giant sister, Lea was surprised by the shortage of garments TXT had on. She even coated Yeonjun‘s stomach while he danced.

His tummy! Their clothes…

— Lea Navvab Huening

Lea quickly overcame her shock over the clothing situation to groove to the song. She revealed at the end that she had actually watched it before and that everyone should stream it many times!

Lea also posted her support on Instagram Stories. She’s so happy with Hueningkai and TXT!

Previously, Lea reacted to TXT’s idea pictures. Check it out beneath.

TXT Hueningkai’s Sister Lea Navvab Huening Almost Didn’t Recognize Him In His Photoshoot

Watch Lea’s response to “Sugar Rush Ride” beneath.

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