We as soon as once more discover ourselves within the time window when we’ve to kick our heels ready for the subsequent House of the Dragon episode to ask us again to Westeros. In the meantime, the fandom and the web have been busy over the previous day discussing the Seven Kingdoms and the quite a few parallels which have already popped up within the prequel collection.

One of them entails the Kingsguard and the way they had been far more competent throughout Robert Baratheon’s reign, whereas the opposite brings to consideration a really deliberate distinction between Queen Aemma from the primary episode and Laena Velaryon from episode 6. Check out all of this and extra in immediately’s Game of Thrones roundup beneath.

Should you root for anybody in House? Are there even any good sides to this battle?

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George R.R. Martin stays ever boastful of the truth that his world of Westeros doesn’t have good or dangerous folks, however an ensemble of gray characters that outline morality from a vantage level of private acquire. And but, even Game of Thrones featured characters who had been genuinely good, Ned Stark and his sons particularly amongst them. With House of the Dragon, it appears like Martin has taken that to an excessive, and the group has been racking its mind looking for one aspect to genuinely root for. Of course, that begs one other query: Is that even possible anymore in the grimdark world of Westeros?

Aemma and Laena went by means of the identical tragedy, however confronted it otherwise

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Try as they may to cram progressive concepts into its narrative, House is in the end a fantasy story going down in a world that’s roughly the equal of medieval England. That being stated, the parallel between Queen Aemma’s story and the way she was helpless in labor throughout these last moments, and Laena Velaryon who principally selected her personal destiny within the face of that grim actuality, hasn’t gone unnoticed by the fandom. Collider explains how the staggering 10-year time soar gave one individual the chance to do what the opposite by no means might.

Did Robert Baratheon have the higher Kingsguard?

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Not to disparage the good Graham McTavish in any method and even the actor who portrays Ser Criston Cole, for that matter, nevertheless it appears to followers that Robert Baratheon definitely had the more badass Kingsguard, that includes not one however two of the best swordsmen within the historical past of Westeros— Jaime Lannister and Ser Barristan Selmy. On the opposite hand, King Viserys admittedly has dragons, a complete host of them, in truth, so perhaps the strong private element felt redundant. But his successor positively had the extra prestigious bodyguard lineup.

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