KQ Entertainment lately launched an official assertion on ATEEZ‘s official fan cafe in regards to the legal action proceedings related to malicious content made against them. Below is the official English statement released.

Hello, this is KQ Entertainment.

As of August 16, Our company and our artist ATEEZ have initiated legal proceedings against a YouTuber who recently published a malicious video on their channel on charges of violating the law on promoting the use of information and communication networks, insulting, obstructing business, and breaking copyright laws.

In addition, the YouTuber in question created a video spreading rumors as if they were true and was able to make a profit through it, which we judged to be very malicious. In particular, for deceiving fans supporting ATEEZ, we have decided to take strong legal action.

Hence, we recommend that those who made unfounded claims and malicious posts against our artists delete their posts. There will be no lenience or cooperation as we pursue both civil and criminal liability in these cases in the future. KQ Entertainment will always work to protect our artists’ rights and popularity. Please report any associated proof or documentation to the e-mail handle beneath.

* Email: protectkq@gmail.com

Thank you.


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