“It’s thanks to the brave voices of victims that we are seeing change.”

Entertainment contracts have reportedly undergone a drastic change as a consequence of controversies surrounding celebrities who’ve been alleged to have bullied their classmates.

According to an OSEN information report launched on February 7, it has grow to be commonplace for leisure contracts to now embody a stipulation that wasn’t there earlier than.

According to the report, till not too long ago, there have been no contract clauses addressing the fallout that may happen when a celeb is alleged to have been a bully. That is till now.

The report states that not solely is there now a situation addressing bullying however a stipulation that states that the manufacturing firm reserves the correct to sue for compensation within the case a celeb causes hurt to a challenge as a consequence of scandals has now grow to be commonplace.

Scandals that will set off the clause embody however usually are not restricted to these surrounding medicine, crimes sexual in nature, driving underneath the affect, and controversies concerning a celeb’s navy service.

School bullying has maligned the leisure business for years. Reports state that the problem first grew to become a serious problem in 2020 and has since prompted heartbreak and emotions of betrayal from followers, sponsors, and manufacturing corporations alike.

Netizens welcomed the change stating that they didn’t wish to see any bullies or criminals, for that matter, acquire fame and wealth on the expense of audiences’ belief and the ache of their victims. Many netizens additionally praised the contract clauses as indicators of change within the business’s attitudes towards bullies.

  • “I can’t stand bully celebrities who act nice, LOL. I can’t concentrate on the drama.”
  • “It’s thanks to the brave voices of victims that we are seeing change.”
  • “Don’t think you’ll walk the path of success after trampling on the lives of others.”
  • “Cancel all of the bullies.”
  • “It’s so great to see a change in the industry.”
  • “Just cancel all criminals, ㅠㅠ. They are such bad influences.”
  • “I think bullying is the number one reason for cancellation.”
  • “It’s good to see things change one by one.”

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