Gallup Korea has revealed the outcomes of its annual survey of essentially the most beloved artists and songs of the 12 months.

Research firm Gallup Korea carried out three rounds of surveys, one in July and August, one in September and October, and one in November, asking 5,103 individuals all around the nation (besides Jeju Island) over the age of 13 to call their three favourite common singers or teams that have been lively or notable this 12 months. The individuals have been allowed to call their very own selection of solutions.

Among individuals underneath 40 (13-39) years previous, BTS was first with 45.6 p.c of the vote. Among individuals over 40 years previous, Lim Young Woong was first with 36.3 p.c of the vote.

Since their debut in 2013, BTS has turn into one of the crucial influential artists on this planet, repeatedly setting new information within the international common music market. In 2021, they launched the hit single “Butter,” which topped the Billboard Hot 100 within the United States, and was chosen by a number of media retailers as one in every of the songs of the 12 months. Their different 2021 release, “Permission to Dance,” acquired consideration for incorporating worldwide signal language in its choreography. Recently, the group was the primary Asian artist to win Artist of the Year on the 2021 American Music Awards. 2021 marks the fourth time in a row that BTS positioned first in Gallup Korea’s artists/singers/songs survey.

Second within the under-40 age bracket was IU with 32.1 p.c of the vote. IU made her debut in 2008 and has turn into a well-rounded artist recognized for her performing expertise in addition to her singer-songwriter talents. Since 2011, she has repeatedly ranked inside the prime 10 in Gallup Korea’s artist/singers/songs survey, and ranked first in 2014 and 2017. In 2021, she loved chart success with songs like “LILAC,” “NAKKA” (with AKMU), and “strawberry moon.”

The prime ten singers within the under-40 age bracket have been as follows:

  1. BTS (45.6 p.c)
  2. IU (32.1 p.c)
  3. BLACKPINK (10.4 p.c)
  4. Lee Mujin (9.2 p.c)
  5. Lim Young Woong (7.0 p.c)
  6. aespa (6.5 p.c)
  7. TWICE (5.3 p.c)
  8. AKMU (tied with 5.2 p.c)
  9. Taeyeon (tied with 5.2 p.c)
  10. Brave Girls (4.3 p.c)

Other singers talked about by the under-40 bracket embrace SG Wannabe (3.9 p.c), Oh My Girl and Red Velvet (3.7 p.c), Heize (3.2 p.c), Young Tak (2.5 p.c), Paul Kim and MSG Wannabe (2.4 p.c), Jeong Dong Won and Jo Jung Suk (2.3 p.c), Jang Beom June (2.2 p.c), Jeon Somi (2.1 p.c), and EXO (2.0 p.c).

This is the second 12 months in a row that Lim Young Woong has ranked first on this survey for the over-40 age bracket. Lim Young Woong is a trot singer who made his debut in 2016 and rose to nationwide fame after changing into the winner of TV Chosun’s hit audition program “Mister Trot.” Over the previous two years, he has launched profitable songs like “Trust in Me,” “HERO,” “My Starry Love,” and most not too long ago “Love Always Run Away.”

Second within the over-40 age bracket was Young Tak with 18.9 p.c of the vote. Young Tak is a trot singer who was the runner-up on “Mister Trot.” He is a singer, songwriter, and producer who typically makes music for different artists along with his personal music. He is understood for common songs like “A Glass of Makgeolli,” “Jjin-iya,” and “Why Are You Coming Out From There?” He not too long ago gained an award on the Seoul Drama Awards 2021 for his “Revolutionary Sisters” OST “Okay.”

The prime ten singers within the over-40 age bracket have been as follows:

  1. Lim Young Woong (36.3 p.c)
  2. Young Tak (18.9 p.c)
  3. Jang Yoon Jung (13.5 p.c)
  4. Na Hoon Ah (11.7 p.c)
  5. BTS (10.2 p.c)
  6. Lee Chan Won (9.4 p.c)
  7. Jeong Dong Won (8.8 p.c)
  8. Jang Min Ho (8.5 p.c)
  9. Jin Sung (8.2 p.c)
  10. Song Ga In (7.6 p.c)

Notably, BTS is the one artist within the prime 10 of the over-40 age bracket who just isn’t a trot singer. All 9 of the opposite artists are trot singers, a style of Korean pop music recognized for its distinctive singing type with vocal inflections that was principally common within the Sixties and 70s. The style has not too long ago seen a resurgence in Korea, significantly amongst older audiences, with the success of audition exhibits like “Mister Trot” and “Miss Trot.”

Other singers talked about by the over-40 bracket embrace IU (7.2 p.c), Kim Yeon Ja (4.1 p.c), Kim Ho Joong (3.6 p.c), Yang Ji Eun (2.6 p.c), Cho Yong Pil (2.3 p.c), Park Goon (2.2 p.c), Nam Jin (2.1 p.c), and Kim Yong Im and Lee Sun Hee (2.0 p.c).

In addition to their favourite singers, the individuals surveyed have been requested to call three of their favourite songs of the 12 months, both launched or in any other case notable in 2021.

In the under-40 age bracket (13-39 years previous), BTS’s “Butter” positioned first with 26.6 p.c of the vote. In the over-40 age bracket, Lim Young Woong’s “Trust in Me” positioned first with 8.7 p.c of the vote.

The prime 10 songs of the under-40 age bracket are as follows:

  1. BTS’s “Butter” (26.6 p.c)
  2. BTS’s “Dynamite” (9.6 p.c)
  3. IU’s “LILAC” (9.3 p.c)
  4. Lee Mujin’s “Traffic light” (8.1 p.c)
  5. AKMU and IU’s “NAKKA” (6.5 p.c)
  6. aespa’s “Next Level (5.1 percent)
  7. Taeyeon’s “Weekend” (3.6 p.c)
  8. MSG Wannabe (M.O.M)’s “Foolish Love” (tied at 3.5 p.c)
  9. BTS’s “Permission to Dance” (tied at 3.5 p.c)
  10. IU’s “Through the Night” (3.1 p.c)

BTS and IU proved their reputation not solely by inserting a number of songs within the prime 10, but in addition by having two older releases (“Dynamite” and “Through the Night”) seem in a checklist that’s predominantly new 2021 releases.

The prime 10 songs of the over-40 age bracket are as follows:

  1. Lim Young Woong’s “Trust in Me” (8.7 p.c)
  2. Young Tak’s “A Glass of Makgeolli” (8.1 p.c)
  3. Na Hoon Ah’s “Tes Hyung!” (6.6 p.c)
  4. Lim Young Woong’s “My Starry Love” (6.3 p.c)
  5. Young Tak’s “Jjin-iyah” (5.7 p.c)
  6. BTS’s “Butter” (4.8 p.c)
  7. Jin Sung’s “At Andong Station” (4.2 p.c)
  8. Lim Young Woong’s “A Purple Postcard” (tied at 4.0 p.c)
  9. Jang Yoon Jung’s “Calling the Soul” (tied at 4.0 p.c)
  10. Jin Sung’s “Period of Spring Poverty (3.4 percent)

Again, BTS’s “Butter” is the one music within the prime 10 of the over-40 age bracket that isn’t a trot music. This is the primary time that so many trot songs have dominated the highest 10 in Gallup Korea’s annual survey. From 2007 to 2014, there have been no trot songs within the prime 10. From 2015 to 2017, there have been two within the prime 10, and three in 2018. 2019 set a brand new document with six songs within the prime 10. While many of those songs have been launched years or many years in the past, they gained new reputation in 2020 and 2021 after being coated on exhibits like “Miss Trot” and “Mister Trot.”

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