When it involves South Korean tradition and traditions, some of the complicated elements for netizens has been the difficulty of age. Compared to a number of the Western world, Korea has a really totally different system.

For instance, BTS‘s was born on December 30, 1995. According to Korean aging, he was one year old on the day of his birth and two years old just a few days later on New Year’s Day.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

On December 8, the South Korean parliament handed a regulation that might eliminate Korea’s two conventional strategies of counting age.

What Is The Current System?

In Korea, there are at the moment two methods of calculating age that differs from the worldwide normal.

The mostly used system is named the “Korean age system.” With this, when an individual is born, they’re already one yr previous, after which on the primary day of every yr, they achieve a yr.

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The conventional system of age in Korea at the moment

Another system that’s extra just like worldwide strategies however is principally used for calculating authorized ages for consuming, smoking, and army conscription is the “counting age.” With this technique, an individual’s age is calculated from zero at start, and a yr is added on January 1.

By additionally utilizing the worldwide normal, it could turn out to be complicated. For instance, TXT‘s Soobin, who was born in December 2000 would be 22 under the international system, 21 under the counting system, and 22 under the traditional Korean system.

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TXT’s Soobin | @txt_members/Twitter

What Would The New System Mean

South Korea additionally makes use of the extra worldwide technique of age, however it’s going to now turn out to be the usual as the federal government fulfills its promise to scale back confusion. From June 2023, the so-called “Korean Age” system will now not be permitted on official paperwork. It implies that everybody in Korea will successfully turn out to be youthful by means of their system.

For instance, BTS’s Jungkook was born in September 1997, and in Korea, his age is 26 years previous. Yet, as soon as the brand new system comes into place, he will likely be 24 years previous till September 1, 2023, when he turns into 26 years previous.

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BTS’s Jungkook | @jungkook.97/Instagram

Although it isn’t confirmed, the change may also imply that male K-Pop idols can delay their obligatory army service by two years at finest. In the present system, it is just attainable to delay their service till they’re 28 years previous (Korean Age). With the modifications, it implies that the it could now wait till they’re thought of 26 years previous internationally.

According to politician Yoo Sang Bu, the change in regulation was achieved to assist standardize getting old and cut back confusion.

The revision is aimed toward lowering pointless socio-economic prices as a result of authorized and social disputes, in addition to confusion, persist as a result of other ways of calculating age.

— Yoo Sang Bu

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Politican Yoo Sang Bu | Korean Herald

While many Koreans have turn out to be accustomed to the normal age system, it’s going to imply having to adapt to one thing new. Yet, for a lot of, it is perhaps a plus as they’re now technically youthful than earlier than!

You can learn extra in regards to the preliminary plans from earlier within the yr beneath.

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