On May 22, a feminine Air Force officer, Sergeant A was discovered useless in her residence on the Air Force base the place she left behind a video of her demise on a cellphone. As the nation mourns her demise, new reviews state that Sergeant A was sexually assaulted by a grasp sergeant, however the Air Force uncared for the case and swept it underneath the rug.

Sergeant A | MBC News

The bereaved’s relations lately performed an interview with MBC News the place they shared that the deceased had been sexually assaulted by a fellow Air Force sergeant only a few months earlier than she died by suicide. It was additional revealed that Sergeant A filed a report back to the Air Force headquarters after the assault had taken place. She pleaded that the trauma from the assault made it troublesome for her to proceed dwelling, which was additionally confirmed to have been reported to the Air Force headquarters.

The Air Force police division secured the blackbox footage of the incident, the place Sergeant A might be clearly heard resisting the sexual assault, “Please don’t do this. How are you going to face me in the future if you do?” Even with this proof, the Air Force made no efforts to punish the assailant, nor did they make any hurried efforts to separate Sergeant A from her perpetrator. It was two weeks following the assault that the Air Force made the choice to switch Sergeant A to a different unit, the place she was incessantly bullied for the incident.

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During the interview with MBC News, Sergeant A‘s father shared what his daughter advised him in regards to the assault earlier than she died by suicide.

The perpetrator requested her, ‘what does your car look like? Let’s go speak some extra in your automobile’ after assaulting her the primary time. My daughter didn’t say something after that, however I’ve cause to imagine that she was sexually assaulted a second time within the automobile…

— Sergeant A’s father

Following the assault, the perpetrator despatched Sergeant A a threatening textual content message stating, “If you don’t forgive me, I will take my own life.” It was additional reported that on the night of the assault, the perpetrator invited Sergeant A out for a drink in an effort to “cover up” what he had carried out. According to MBC News, the perpetrator reportedly advised Sergeant A that “It’s something that can happen anyone at any point in life. Let’s just cover it up this time.” Others current on the ingesting gathering additionally downplayed the assault and requested Sergeant A to “Not file a report since the perpetrator would be transferred anyways.” 

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While the Air Force investigated the case internally, they’re being accused of neglecting Sergeant A and for not dealing with the sexual assault reviews critically. Sergeant A is reported to have undergone 22 counseling classes with a sexual grievance counselor following the assaults. During this time, Sergeant A is reported to have despatched a textual content message to her counselor saying, “I want to take my own life.”  Just a pair weeks later, nonetheless, she was discharged with a prognosis that said Sergeant A was in a “much improved condition and showed no signs of suicidal tendencies.” 

Former Air Force Chief of Staff, Lee Sung Yong, who has since resigned | JoongAng

Reportedly, Sergeant A’s fiancé — additionally stationed in the identical service department — additionally obtained textual content messages and different types of private contact from the perpetrator’s supervising officers. These makes an attempt had all been made to pressure the fiancé to persuade Sergeant A from pursuing any additional motion in opposition to the perpetrator. Devastated by the Air Force’s lack of effort to assist Sergeant A, the fiancé filed their marriage certificates within the morning of May 21 to turn into her official companion. Later that night, Sergeant A died by suicide.

Photo of Sergeant A and her fiancé with their marriage license | MBC News

In the midst of the continuing outrage relating to Sergeant A and the neglect proven by the Air Force, Sergeant A’s dad and mom filed an official Blue House petition pleading for a deeper investigation into her case, which has obtained nearly 350,000 signatures for the reason that launch a number of days in the past. 

“Please investigate the unfair death of my beloved Air Force sergeant daughter.” | Blue House

Following the outcry, the South Korean president Moon Jae In ordered an investigation to be launched to repair Sergeant A‘s case, in addition to an investigation for the officers who have been accountable for dealing with her case.

The Air Force grasp sergeant who has been accused of sexually assaulting Sergeant A has since been arrested by Air Force officers on expenses of violating the Criminal Act, which is “committing indecent acts by compulsion on a member of the military and causing injury.” Boo Seung Chan, an Air Force spokesperson confirmed the perpetrator’s arrest and shared that an “investigation is under way.”

Sergeant A’s assailant getting arrested | MBC News

Four days into the petition and the nationwide criticism, the Air Force Chief of Staff Lee Sung Yong introduced his resignation as of June 4 to take duty for his shortcomings in taking care of Sergeant A. Regardless, Koreans stay perpetually upset within the navy and the federal government’s “continued failure to protect the country’s sexually abused victims.”

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