A Korean girl has been arrested after making false rape and sexual assault claims in opposition to her former work supervisor.

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On April 7, the Chuncheon District Court sentenced a Korean girl, ‘Ms. A’ to a six month jail time period after arresting her for false accusations and defamation in opposition to her former work supervisor, ‘Mr. B.’

Ms. A is reported to be a girl in her 40’s who made false accusations in opposition to Mr. B. She is alleged to have submitted a report back to her firm stating that, “starting in April 2014, Mr. B has been touching me inappropriately and sending me ‘I miss you’ messages. It was later revealed, nevertheless, that the 2 had been concerned in a romantic relationship and that the alleged rape claims had been false. It was additional reported that the 2 engaged in consensual sexual relations throughout their time collectively.

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According to the police, the false rape accusations had been made after malicious rumors started circulating at Ms. A’s office about her promiscuity. The rumors alleged that Ms. A had difficult relationships with males and that she manipulated them to assist her along with her work. At the time, Ms. A believed that Mr. B was answerable for the rumors. In an effort to actual revenge on him, she made the false rape and sexual assault allegations in opposition to Mr. B.

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Mr. B was finally fired from the corporate after these allegations had been reported. Following his departure, Ms. A allegedly continued to deceive her co-workers in regards to the false rape and sexual assault claims.

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While Ms. A’s protection argued that the costs mustn’t apply and that she is harmless, the courtroom denied these arguments. The courtroom said that, “while this may be Ms. A’s first criminal offense, her actions were severe. It would be hard for her to avoid penalty. Ms. A continued to make these claims without any proof, causing further damage and pain to the victim. She failed to show signs of self-reflection.”

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