Koreans netizens turned the tables on him.

Actor Michele Morrone is at present in South Korea for Netflix promotions for 365 Days. On October 28, 2022, Morrone uploaded a narrative to Instagram the place he claimed to have confronted racism on the Shilla Hotel, one in all Seoul’s most prestigious luxurious resorts.

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| @iamichelemorrone/Instagram

The resort has since denied claims, citing a misunderstanding.

We do even have rooms that permit smoking. But we can not verify with you what kind of room Morrone was staying in, as it’s thought of his private info. It is unimaginable for a resort to point out preferential therapy to solely Asians. I believe there was a misunderstanding between us. We have solved the misunderstanding now and it’s to our data that he has deleted the submit from social media. We will all the time do our greatest to verify visitors that stick with us don’t expertise discomfort.

— Shilla Hotel Representative

Korean netizens have been essential of Michele Morrone following the assertion by Shilla Hotel. Not solely is Shilla Hotel one of many highest-ranked and respected resorts in Seoul, however Korean netizens are additionally in disbelief that Michele Morrone would face racism.

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Netizen reactions. | theqoo

  • “There’s no way that Shilla Hotel would do that, but if they did, he could sue them.”
  • “I hope Shilla gets sued LOL”
  • “White people are even stealing racism now.”
  • “The real racism here is what he’s doing. What is this white man spewing?”
  • “Seems like he’s just dumbly going on about Asians doing this and that when he’s probably never faced racism his entire life. Does he even know what racism is?”
  • “You can also see it as something said out of white supremacy.”

In reality, one of many criticisms that South Korea faces from many POC foreigners is that the nation is xenophobic, but in addition white-worshipping. South Koreans are additionally conscious of the truth that white persons are extra more likely to obtain preferential therapy in most elements of the world, in addition to South Korea itself. It was therefore laborious for Koreans to imagine that Michele, as a white man of Italian origins, would have confronted racism from Shilla Hotel.

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