Ahead of the ultimate episode on December 19, Kim Soo Hyun, Cha Seung Won, Kim Sung Kyu, Lee Seol, Kim Shin Rok, and Yang Kyung Won shared their closing feedback on “One Ordinary Day.”

A remake of the BBC’s “Criminal Justice,” “One Ordinary Day” is about an extraordinary faculty pupil named Kim Hyun Soo (Kim Soo Hyun) who turns into a homicide suspect in a single day and the third-rate lawyer named Shin Joong Han (Cha Seung Won) who reaches out to assist him whereas by no means asking him the reality of what occurred that evening.

Kim Soo Hyun stated, “While Hyun Soo was being scarred, lawyer Shin Joong Han was a dependable presence who protected him. But Hyun Soo needed to survive in prison, so he made a choice. I think that it’ll be interesting to binge-watch the whole series once the final episode is out. Thank you to everyone who spent ‘One Ordinary Day’ together with us.”

cha seung won

Cha Seung Won stated, “I liked being able to greet viewers through a new genre, a new platform, and a new image. I regret that the last episode came sooner than I expected, but I’m also excited to be able to show viewers the end as soon as possible. There are so many amazing scenes, but I think that it was funny when Joong Han was unable to have a hot night with his ex-wife. If it fails, it fails, but it was funny to see him make all those excuses, going back to Charles Darwin. I heard that people praised the drama for the hard work of its writer, director, actors, and audio director. Thank you to the viewers who shared their love and support with us. I hope that ‘One Ordinary Day’ and Shin Joong Han will remain in their memories for a long time.”

kim sung kyu

Kim Sung Kyu, who performed prisoner Do Ji Tae, stated, “As a viewer, I feel good that people are enjoying watching the drama and feeling a sense of tension in each episode. I’m grateful and relieved that a drama that has a good message has received so much love and interest from people. I hope that it will be remembered as a meaningful project. Thank you for your love and support.”

lee seol

Lee Seol, who performed rookie lawyer Seo Soo Jin, stated, “We filmed together for many months and anticipated the premiere date together, but it’s already been a month since it started airing and it seems the time has gone by too fast.” She picked the scene during which prosecutor Ahn Tae Hee and lawyer Park Mi Kyung negotiate over Kim Hyun Soo’s sentence as essentially the most memorable and stated, “I could feel their psychological battle from outside and watched without breathing.” She continued, “Although it’s only eight episodes, there are a lot of stories in ‘One Ordinary Day,’ so thank you for watching. Please have a safe end of 2021 and let’s have a freer, happier 2022.”

kim shin rok

Kim Shin Rok, who performed profitable prosecutor Ahn Tae Hee, stated, “The breathtaking four weeks of ‘One Ordinary Day’ have gone by. The drama will end with its final episode, but I hope that it will spark thoughts and effects for a long time afterward. I didn’t have any scenes in the prison, so I watched the prison scenes like a viewer would. Just like those viewers who were antsy to see the ending for four weeks, I was just another viewer anticipating the end. I want to share my apologies as Ahn Tae Hee and my gratitude as Kim Shin Rok.”

yang kyung won

Yang Kyung Won, who performed Park Doo Shik, stated, “Each week of the past four weeks felt unusually long, but it’s already the end. It was an honor to be able to work on such a great project with such great people. I sincerely thank all the viewers who watched ‘One Ordinary Day’ with love and interest. Although there will be regret over its ending, you can always binge-watch it any time. Take a day off and watch it again with a cold beer. Meanwhile, Park Doo Shik will turn over a new leaf and return as a new person.”

“One Ordinary Day” aired on Saturdays and Sundays at midnight KST.

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